Hang up the phone! In the Chat’s Text Messaging Platform Delivers the Freedom of Customer Service on the Go

PRESS RELEASE: In the Chat Communications Inc., known for its leading edge Enterprise social media sales and service platform, announces a new product offering that enables companies to give customers the gifts of time and convenience – text messaging customer service. Delivering a huge experience win for customers and strong cost saving potential for companies, text messaging (or SMS) is positioned to quickly and dramatically change the face of customer service across industries, including hospitality, financial services/banking and retail, as well as others.

“What’s the pitch on text messaging for the contact center? Ask any smartphone user if they would rather call or text a company for customer service,” said John Huehn, CEO of In the Chat. “The potential for this channel is enormous. As a consumer, I can now get full customer support from anywhere without waiting on the phone, standing in a line or sitting at my computer. I can text with a hotel reservations agent from my cab, ask where to find a product as I stroll through a big box store or make a change to my cable service from the train or bus.”

75% of North Americans use SMS, sending an average of 72,760 text messages every second. The 2.3 trillion text messages that American mobile users are sending each year is even slightly higher than the 2.29 trillion voice minutes they are using. The demand for a customer service solution that meets the needs of a texting generation is at its peak. In the Chat’s platform, with its proven contact management, intelligent routing, CRM integration and contact center reporting, is positioned to make this a reality for customers and companies around the globe.

As powerful for companies as it is for customers, In the Chat’s text messaging platform delivers cost savings, similar to what service providers have experienced with web chat. The same patented text mining software that powers ITC’s second-generation social media platform also powers the company’s text messaging solution to deliver the right types of messages to the right agents to address a customer’s inquiry – much like a traditional call center IVR (push 1 for sales, 2 for service, etc.).

According to Huehn, “Text messaging and social media grew in popularity around the same time. Businesses felt an urgency to get on social media because it was public. Text messaging, however, is actually more pervasive than social media today and provides the more private, accessible experience that many customers prefer for their service inquiries. We wanted to bring the best of both worlds to our clients, and I believe that is what we have achieved today.”