Drishti announces the launch of Ameyo Voice Plus to improve the audio quality of Customer Contact Centers

PRESS RELEASE: Drishti-soft Solutions, a contact center technology provider, announced the launch of their latest product; Ameyo VoicePlus. Ameyo VoicePlus improves the audio quality of a phone call by eliminating the disruptions faced in a contact center. This product helps customer service departments of all industries that are plagued by increasing workload on an aging infrastructure resulting in low audio quality of customer calls.

During the company’s latest product launch , Drishti CEO Bishal Lachhiramka said ” A phone calls contains, in addition to the speaker’s voice, acoustic echo and unwanted signals: other people talking around you, wind noise, keyboard-strokes and background music. Eliminating these disruptions ensures smooth interactions which in turn enhances end customer experience. Understanding the need to provide quality Drishti presents Voice Plus.”

Ameyo VoicePlus assures to improve the audio quality through
Ensuring the noise is suppressed and unamplified.
Noise Reduction that successfully separates agents voice from the noise and attenuates the latter
Automatic gain control that improves quality by sensing and recognizing agent voice.

About AMEYO:

AMEYO is the flagship solution from Drishti for complete CIM. It has been designed to add value to the businesses and pave way for a structured growth. AMEYO customers enjoy significant increase in efficiency levels, reduction in operational costs, flexibility, consistent user experience and a demonstrable ROI.

About Drishti:

Drishti is a leading provider of Contact Center Software and Enterprise Communications Applications. With presence in over 40 countries including key touch points in Asia–Pacific, India, SAARC, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Drishti’s customers are benefited with dedicated 24/7 support and award winning products based on innovative methodologies.