SYNETY releases technology enhancements on CloudCall for Bullhorn S

SYNETY_LOGO_TRANSPARENTPRESS RELEASE: SYNETY is pleased to announce the launch of its updated CloudCall functionality, which integrates seamlessly with the newly released Bullhorn S software.

Bullhorn S, the recent update from Bullhorn CRM provides users with a host of exciting new developments, including enhanced cross-platform and cross-browser functionality. Bullhorn S provides users with greater flexibility, choice and an intuitive interface.

To ensure that Bullhorn S users could benefit from all of the CRM’s new features, while retaining existing CloudCall functionality, SYNETY has enhanced its solution so that it too is operational across multiple browsers.

One of the key features of the CloudCall software is that it increases the efficiency of users by giving them the ability to categorise inbound calls, enter call notes, record and playback call recordings directly from within Bullhorn S. This is possible through the built-in streamer, which is available in the call history tab.

Another operational enhancement is the release of the Inbound Screen Pop feature, which informs users via pop-up alerts when they are receiving an incoming call. This feature also intuitively screen pops candidate or contact records and activity history, giving users increased access to relevant information.

Mark Seemann, CEO, has commented: “The Bullhorn S release combines speed, efficiency and a more user-friendly interface and we wanted to make sure that our innovative CloudCall functionality was able to integrate fully with the additional enhancements. Our new features aim to streamline the recruitment process further, providing users with more benefits such as increased productivity, improved consistency and accuracy of candidate records.”

As Gold sponsors of the Bullhorn Live event in Boston on the 18th-20th of June, SYNETY will be officially launching CloudCall for Bullhorn S to US customers at the event.


SYNETY is a leading cloud-based software and communications business. With headquarters located in Leicester in the United Kingdom, SYNETY offer their advanced telephony solutions to customers Worldwide.

The company develops and provides a suite of cloud-based software products and services known as CloudCall® which are aimed at enabling organisations to use their communications more effectively. The CloudCall® suite of products allows companies to fully integrate their telephony systems into their existing software, enabling calls to be made, recorded, logged, categorised and detailed reports easily generated.

SYNETY’s capacity to offer a streamlined integration with third-party CRM software makes it one of the most integrated telephony platforms in the world.

Since 2011 SYNETY has grown rapidly, seeing considerable increases in both the number of end users and in the number of CRM companies integrated with its software.

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