SDL Language Cloud Breaks Down Barriers to Effective Global Communication

PRESS RELEASE: SDL introduced SDL Language Cloud™, a cloud translation platform that empowers organisations to easily communicate across languages and engage global customers. As an essential component of SDL Customer Experience Cloud, the platform will simplify translation and global communication for businesses of all sizes by providing direct access to language capabilities from within their customer experience ecosystem.

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The solution allows organisations to directly engage with consumers across the globe at every stage of the customer journey, allowing them to capitalise on global market opportunities and drive international revenues.

The SDL Language Cloud is the first cloud-based language platform to offer the full spectrum of translation options – human, machine and specialist machine translation – providing a solution for translating all content, from highly branded campaigns to websites, support content, user reviews and instant chat. With this platform, marketers benefit from the ability to engage customers around the globe, across every touch point, in the right language, providing a culturally relevant and seamless experience for the buyer. Brands can now create content and experiences and weave them together into the local language at the point of creation, delivering communication where the customer wants to see it, in the language that they want to see it in.

“Organisations today need to address customers around the world across a growing portfolio of content, throughout the buying cycle,” said Dominic Kinnon, CEO of SDL Language Solutions. “In order for brands to break these communication barriers with their intended audiences, language needs to be a critical factor in their global customer experience strategy. The SDL Language Cloud provides a solution for all of these needs by simplifying translation for organisations and offering a combination of human and machine translation options and local language interactions with customers, regardless of geographic region.”

Today’s multicultural, always-connected and digitally savvy society demands a comprehensive translation and localisation strategy to drive customer engagement across the globe, fostering brand advocacy and loyalty, opening up the opportunity for brands to focus on international expansion and business growth. Findings from a recent Common Sense Advisory Board study, “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy,” demonstrate that 75 percent of online shoppers are more likely to buy products from websites in their language and 74 percent are more likely to purchase from the same brand again if the after-sales care is in their language. Language is now a critical success factor for organisations and, now more than ever, there is a need for technology that provides seamless, accurate and personalised content – in the right language.

SDL Language Cloud is a complete cloud platform that makes translation technology and services easily accessible to everyone. The solution provides on-demand access to translation services and APIs for integrating human and machine translation capabilities into any application. In the coming months, SDL Language Cloud will expand to include subscription access to machine translation and terminology for use in the translation process, collaboration tools and innovative solutions to transform translation efficiency.

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