INI LaunchPort™ Optimized for LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer

PRESS RELEASE: Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI), developer of comprehensive interactive voice recognition (IVR) and contact center integration software, today announced that INI LaunchPort™ now offers seamless integration with the most recent version of the LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR).

Contact Centre CLUB

INI LaunchPort, an advanced call-routing IVR application for Avaya contact centers, allows organizations to enhance their customer engagement model. LumenVox’ powerful speech recognition capabilities offer callers a more natural interface that perfectly complements INI LaunchPort’s objective to provide callers with an effortless customer experience. Using unique speech recognition prompts, callers are permitted to speak their responses when interfacing with the contact center IVR without needing to use a keypad.

INI LaunchPort routes calls to the most appropriate resource by assessing caller input and information collected via Web Services transactions. For example, a caller may be routed to a specialized agent pool if they are a premium client or transferred directly to the billing department based on a payment issue. The end result is seamless routing and a higher first call resolution rate. INI LaunchPort also supports User-to-User Identifier (UUI) being sent to the destination point, facilitating screen pops.

“We’re pleased to partner with LumenVox to expand INI LaunchPort’s capabilities utilizing one of the industry’s most robust speech engines. We’ve found LumenVox to be an extremely flexible partner and easy to do business with,” stated Gary Van Gordon, Vice President of INI.

“Interactive Northwest is a terrific partner capable of delivering high quality LumenVox speech solutions and customer satisfaction,” said Dave Rich, LumenVox CEO. “We believe the speech-enabled INI LaunchPort product provides an elegant and cost-effective enhanced routing application that will delight customers.”

About Interactive Northwest, Inc.

Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI) develops innovative interactive voice response (IVR), computer telephony integration (CTI), and self-service applications for high-volume call centers in markets such as government, healthcare, finance, utilities and service industries. A strong commitment to platform expertise, seamless systems integration, and project management excellence uniquely positions INI to provide value to its customers. As a long-standing partner in the Avaya DevConnect program and developer of call center speech applications, INI has a deep history in deploying applications on Avaya platforms-making it a reliable partner capable of delivering results that promote the success and profitability of its customers. For more information, call +1.800.732.3236 or visit

About LumenVox

LumenVox is a speech automation software company providing core speech technologies that include the LumenVox Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech Engine, Call Progress Analysis, Speech Tuner, and natural language solution support. Based on industry standards, LumenVox’ Speech Software is certified as one of the most accurate, natural sounding, and reliable solutions in the industry. LumenVox technology provides tools for effectively connecting and communicating with users, increasing user satisfaction, and improving employee productivity.