Digitonic banishes holiday sales calls and texts

PRESS RELEASE: Sales calls and unwanted marketing messages by the poolside on holiday will be a thing of the past after Digitonic, the smart mobile marketing agency, created a new tool that can automatically remove from marketing lists mobile numbers of handsets which are abroad.

The company, named last year by Real Business as one of the 30 top mobile marketing companies in the UK, has developed and recently launched its Advanced Mobile Validation Service (AMVS). The tool has been widely welcomed by the marketing industry and is already being used by leading brands and marketing agencies. It has also been white-labelled by four major UK data suppliers with more white-label orders in the pipeline.

The pioneering software means marketing efforts are more accurate, less intrusive and cut out unnecessary cost and time waste.

Grant Fraser, managing director at Digitonic, said the AMVS tool would help any brand engaged in phone-based outbound marketing protect its reputation, reduce costs and generate better campaign results.

He said: “While in the US on business I was woken numerous times by marketing texts and customer service calls during the early hours of the morning. It got so bad, I had to turn my mobile phone off while I was sleeping, which meant I was out of contact if there was a family or business emergency.

“Like most good inventions, it needs to solve a problem. From our research, most people strongly dislike being contacted unnecessarily when abroad, especially for offers that they can’t redeem. Brands have no excuse to do this anymore, since our technology costs less than existing practices and can be used by any organisation.

“We think we’ve provided benefits for marketers and their customers – marketing campaigns are quicker, have a higher strike rate and more accurate data, and customers won’t need to absorb roaming costs and don’t feel as though they’re being pestered on holiday.”

AMVS is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge or expertise. It can be used securely in-house by organisations of all sizes; a key request from early focus groups. The validations are fast and clients confirm accuracy of 99.7%, meaning campaigns can be conceived and executed very quickly with instant measurable results.

With an estimated two million outbound marketing calls and texts sent every day, these numbers could be validated by the AMVS tool in just a few hours. The company expects to validate circa 200 million numbers over the next 12 months from the partners that have already signed up to the service.

The AMVS tool communicates with the phone’s mobile network to check which devices are currently active and also roaming. It has been developed by Digitonic’s in-house team and has been cited by clients as the future of mobile validation, making existing HLR* tools redundant.

On the back of its recent success, the company has also attracted investor funding. A consortium of private investors purchased a 10% equity stake on June 1st 2014, to help the business drive further growth.

The company also experienced its best ever month in May this year, and is currently recruiting to support its continuing growth. Grant Fraser said the investment will be used to build on that success and drive further growth for the company, as it seeks to expand its overseas business into Europe, Asia and Australia.

Grant said: “It’s an exciting time for Digitonic and this injection of growth capital into the company will help us develop even more mobile products and services. We’re focused on expanding what we do, both in terms of sectors and geographies, and so far what we’re doing is being very well-received in the market.”

Digitonic was formed in 2010 by founding directors Grant Fraser and Iain Wilcox. It works with businesses to acquire and retain customers using mobile technology, and pioneered rich media text messaging.

It has developed its own technical infrastructure and in-house expertise to deliver effective marketing campaigns using content optimised for modern smartphone handsets. Digitonic is at the forefront of mobile marketing.

*HLR stands for Home Location Register, which has been used previously by the direct marketing industry to check user mobile phone records to establish valid contact details. However, the process is not always accurate and can be very time-consuming and unwieldy for the end user.