University of Melbourne leads the way with Amcom Cloud Collaboration

PRESS RELEASE: Amcom announced that the University of Melbourne has signed a significant contract to deploy Amcom Cloud Collaboration (ACC) across its entire university community. The University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s premier universities and a leading member of AARNet. This is the first major ACC deployment since the landmark partnering agreement between Amcom and AARNet was announced on 1 May 2014.

The ACC platform, powered by Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), will integrate with The University of Melbourne’s Unified Communications Exchange (AUCX), provided by AARNet, providing approximately 13,000 users, across 8 campuses in metropolitan and rural Victoria, access to an enterprise grade telephony and unified communications solution.

The contract is significant for multiple reasons, including that it is:

  • The largest publicly announced contract of its size for Cisco HCS and Amcom ACC in Australia
  • Amcom’s largest single Unified Communications contract to date
  • The first University in Australia to move to Cisco HCS (Amcom ACC)
  • ACC will provide The University of Melbourne with a pay-as-you-use cloud collaboration service featuring Telephony, Video Telephony, Voicemail, Instant Messaging, Presence and Mobility (collaboration on smartphones and tablets).

Through ACC, the University of Melbourne will be able to provide users:

  • Increased features and functionality at their fingertips
  • Self service capability
  • Reduced support cost compared to the current on-premise solution
  • An evergreen solution, continually updated with the latest applications and features

Importantly, ACC will enable rich-media calls to be securely routed between other universities and institutions on the AUCX anywhere in the world.

In line with Amcom’s flexible ‘evergreen’ service offering, The University of Melbourne is able to embrace other next generation features such as Telepresence, WebEx, and Contact Centre as needed. Again these services are delivered on a pay-as-you-use consumption model, eliminating the need for large up front capital expenditure commitments.

The Frost and Sullivan report ‘Australian Unified Communications Services Market 2014’ states that the “The Professional Services and the Education sectors are currently among the early adopters of UCaaS in Australia. They also state that growth is expected to pick up from 2014”.

Clive Stein, Amcom CEO said “In a world rapidly moving towards consumption based payment models, which Amcom has been advocating for some time now, the University of Melbourne’s early move to adopt Amcom Cloud Collaboration is a clear indicator of a rising tide of change we are starting to see, not only in the Higher Education and Research sector but also in other like-minded organisations across Australia. Our partnering agreement with AARNet is a strong endorsement of our early adopter stance and underlying investment in the sector.

Amcom continues to innovate alongside our key partners such as Cisco, and deliver on what our customers are asking for from their ICT providers; they no longer want to invest in Capex heavy technology solutions that do not address their wider business needs in a timely manner. Customers want the ability to rapidly scale up their technological capabilities as and when their business requires it.

The University of Melbourne and the wider Higher Education and Research sector are just ahead of many other customers and organisations that we see actively moving to deliver the Unified Communications strategies that they have been developing over the past few years. We are very excited to be at the forefront of this change.”

Sendur Kathir, CIO of The University of Melbourne said, “The world of education providers is changing and the model for delivering technology, communication & collaboration tools we use needs to change with it. Our strategy is to be experts in the use of the technology, rather than spending all our efforts managing, maintaining and delivering it at huge expense. We have chosen Amcom to deliver our Unified Communications solution as it provides the flexibility we require and the best experience at the most cost effective price.”

Ken Boal, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at Cisco Systems said “The University of Melbourne’s selection of Amcom Cloud Collaboration to access video conferencing and collaboration services represents the largest public sector Cisco HCS deployment in Australia. We applaud the University of Melbourne’s leadership in moving to the next generation of Unified Communication solution to better enable Australian students and researchers to communicate, share ideas and expanding opportunities to learn and grow.”