TDC Group transfers support to external partner – Sitel

PRESS RELEASE: In the autumn, about 800 employees from TDC’s customer support will transfer to a new employer. TDC has contracted Sitel, a large international service provider, to handle future customer support and some other functions for Denmark’s largest telecommunications company.

The agreement with Sitel is part of a major initiative that will significantly improve customer service at TDC Group in the years ahead. The approximately 1,850 employees in TDC Group’s own customer service function will complete a training and upgrading programme that, combined with more digital self-service options, is designed to create ‘Denmark’s best customer experiences’.

“I am very pleased that Sitel is undertaking to provide our customers with excellent support as this will also release resources that over time will enable us to significantly improve our customer service. Our goal is to set a new standard for the industry,” says Jens Aaløse, Senior Executive Vice President at TDC Group.

The agreement means that as of 6 October, approx. 800 employees in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Sønderborg will be employed by Sitel. That is approx. every third employee in TDC’s customer service, primarily in our support function, who provide practical help with e.g. setting up appliances and apps, fault correction and questions regarding bills. All employees will continue with unchanged pay and employment terms for now at the same TDC Group site.

“This is TDC Group’s largest outsourcing initiative to date, and we have prioritised ensuring as much security as possible for our employees in the process. We have achieved this through our agreement with Sitel,” says Jens Aaløse.

Sitel is one of the world’s largest providers of customer service and support. The company has 56,000 employees in 23 countries, and manages e.g. support functions for a number of international companies in entertainment and online trading. From its London site, the company manages support for various enterprises in the Nordic market. In the contract with TDC Group, Sitel commits e.g. to significantly reduce waiting times for telephone support compared with current times.

Bert Quintana, Sitel’s President, CEO & COB, comments; “Our core strength is providing high quality service and support that helps to retain and increase our clients’ customer base. We are delighted to be chosen to work with TDC Group.”

”We have taken over customer centres and support functions for both small local and very large international enterprises. Our core task is to provide high-quality service and support that contributes to retaining and increasing our clients’ customer bases. That is also our task for TDC Group,” says Country Director Steffen Bagge of Sitel Denmark.

The agreement with Sitel will ensure that TDC Group customer support expenses fall, and part of this saving will be invested in the remaining employees in the form of e.g. training, upgrading and career plans.

“Sitel specialises in providing high-level customer support which in itself can raise the quality. When adding our education and training activities and the fact that we recently recruited an additional 100 employees, the overall gain will clearly enhance our customer experience with easier and faster access to contact with the right employee, etc.,” says Jens Aaløse.

The changes in TDC Group’s customer service result from an internal survey implemented at the beginning of the year. The survey identified where and how TDC Group can hand over existing operating functions to external partners as changing market conditions increasingly prompt the telecommunications, content and entertainment industries to merge.

Facts about Sitel and the agreement with TDC Group

· The agreement covers approx. 800 employees in e.g. support functions in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Sønderborg. In Sønderborg, it involves employees in the TDC-owned CCE (Contact Centre Europe).

· The agreement will take effect from 6 October, and the employees will continue with unchanged pay and employment terms, and for the time being at the same workplace.

· In connection with natural attrition, Sitel will gradually transfer jobs from Copenhagen and Aarhus to Sønderborg, and from the spring 2015, also to London. Relocation of jobs to Sønderborg and London is expected to be completed by year-end 2015.

· Sitel expects to have approx. 150 TDC supporters at its London site by year-end 2015. Sitel’s London site is currently managing support for other Danish firms, and typically its employees are Danes living in England.

· Sitel is American owned and currently has more than 56,000 employees in 23 countries. The enterprise has 110 customer support centres worldwide and offers customer service and support in 40 different languages.

· Sitel began operating in Denmark in 2002 and now has approx. 100 employees at its Copenhagen site.

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