Echo Managed Services wins P&Q Challenge best practices award

PRESS RELEASE: Multi-channel contact services provider Echo Managed Services has won a Best Practices Award for its critical self-assessment skills and customer service strategy at the P&Q Challenge’s recent ‘Class of 2014’ showcase event.

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To take part in the ‘Class of 2014’ showcase, a specialist Echo Managed Services performance management and quality monitoring team had to complete an initial ‘Strategic Quality Framework’ review then demonstrate an upgraded version – with evidence of clearly targeted and achieved benefits. Echo’s successful assessment was then showcased at the P&Q Challenge’s Annual Best Practice dinner.

Echo was presented with its award by P&Q Challenge leader Martin Hill-Wilson, who commented: “The vision of the P&Q Challenge is to share best practice in the contact centre industry and, following open feedback and workshop sessions, help to collectively define the industry’s best practice methods going forward. The Echo Managed Services team made an important contribution to our workshop sessions, with the team securing a 2014 P&Q Challenge Award in particular for its open approach to process evaluation and the honesty of its self-criticism of current performance and quality methods. This level of in-depth analysis is essential if organisations are to successfully deploy next generation strategies for improvement.”

“At Echo we’re constantly questioning areas where we can improve customer service, so developing a Strategic Quality Framework for the 2014 P&Q Challenge and taking part in the workshop sessions was invaluable in terms of helping us benchmark our existing processes against other best practice organisations,” added Karen Banfield, Contact Centre Director at the Echo Managed Services Bristol site. “Going on to receive an award after being tested alongside our peers in the P&Q Challenge ‘Class of 2014’ is a great achievement for the Echo team, and gives us the determination to keep on pushing the boundaries in terms of key performance management and quality monitoring disciplines – particularly given today’s fast-evolving digital customer landscape.”

The P&Q Challenge programme – sponsored by Nexidia and supported by the Call Centre Management Association (UK) – was set up to get everyone in the contact centre industry working together to collectively invent the next generation of operational practice in performance management and quality monitoring. All the research and insight generated during the P&Q programme is fed back into public forums so everyone can learn and get value from being involved. In addition to Echo Managed Services, organisations that have been involved in the P&Q Challenge include Lloyds Banking, British Gas, LV, BskyB and Axa Wealth.

About P&Q Challenge

The P&Q Challenge is a programme of sustained collaboration for the customer service industry as the definition of quality and how to use it as a strategic tool for transformational change evolves. The P&Q Challenge began in July 2012, when a survey was launched to get to the bottom of the issues call centres faced in terms of quality. The results of the survey: Where we are? What is wrong? Where we want to be? were discussed by industry professionals and the P&Q Framework was born. The framework offers customer contact managers a tool to examine their quality and performance measures and processes.

About Echo Managed Services

Echo Managed Services is a specialist outsourced provider of complex multi-channel customer contact services, operating contact programmes that focus on the delivery of long-term, quality-driven engagement programmes for organisations of all sizes. Unlike traditional volume-driven transactional outsourced call centre operators, Echo Managed Services combines best practice technology and processes to provide leading public and private sector organisations – including the Royal Air Force, the Skills Funding Agency, the National Apprenticeships scheme, the Financial Times, Guardian Media Group and South Staffordshire Water – with end-to-end contact management capabilities, from entry-level bureau services through to comprehensive, analytics-enabled multi-channel programmes. For more information, visit