ZOOM Launches Advanced Speech Analytics Reports to Drive Continuous Growth and Improvement by Showcasing Customer-Agent Interaction Trends

PRESS RELEASE: ZOOM International, a worldwide provider of workforce-optimization software for contact centres, announced today the release of version 5.3 of ZOOM Quality Management Suite, which features significant improvements in security and speech analytics and integration with a third-party recording application. The new software provides a more powerful and feature-rich solution for organizations’ contact centres and back offices, enabling them to meet compliance requirements and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

New application features

ZOOM Quality Management Suite version 5.3 includes new features in ZOOM Call Recording, ZOOM Quality Management, and ZOOM Speech Analytics, including:

  • Innovative and intuitive speech analytics reports that allow users to visualize critical business trends down to the level of individual customer-agent interactions. The reports provide users with a clear perception of various trends and highlight the root causes of negative trends in contact centers.
  • Advanced security features enable the recording and storage of encrypted IP telephony conversations (SRTP) in a secure manner.
  • Tight integration with the Cisco MediaSense recording application so that users can benefit from the full range of ZOOM Quality Management Suite features, including centralized access to all recorded calls, media management tools, quality management, e-learning, speech analytics, and media encryption for meeting PCI DSS requirements.
  • Prerecording IP phone service now fully supports the latest Cisco IP phones and environments that use NAT.

“Version 5.3 of ZOOM Quality Management Suite demonstrates ZOOM’s ongoing innovative approach to the development of a web-based workforce optimization (WFO) solution in alignment with our four core values: analytics-driven, powerful, easy-to-use, and open,” said Simon Vostry, founder and CEO of ZOOM International.

ZOOM Quality Management Suite version 5.3 is an easy-to-use, analytics-driven solution for monitoring customer-agent interactions that allows contact center managers to glance down at their dashboards and take a real-time pulse of their contact centers and back offices.

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