Adtech Global Expands Verint Workforce Optimization Suite in the Cloud via Stratx

PRESS RELEASE: Adtech Global announced it is enhancing  existing cloud-based version of Workforce Optimization (WFO) technology from Verint® Systems Inc, named StratxTM (strat-ix). StratxTM, formerly known as SKY, is the Adtech Global solution that enables contact centers to host WFO applications in a cloud environment while still controlling their own ACD/PBX. Adtech Global launched this managed service in the spring of 2013 with an initial set of Verint WFO functionality. Under this announcement, StratxTM now includes Speech Analytics, Text Analytics and Customer Feedback software as part of the SaaS environment.

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Aside from the operational benefits of an offsite cloud-based solution, the StratxTM solution eliminates the need for customers to purchase premise-based software and servers and hire IT resources, because Adtech Global’s Verint experts manage it 24×7 in a secure data center. As part of every StratxTM installation, customers have the peace of mind knowing that Adtech Global oversees all hardware and software elements in real-time, which allows Adtech Global to alert StratxTM customers of trends or potential problems within their contact center infrastructure.

“Through our partner relationships, Verint’s focus is on supporting customer requirements and needs in the terms they choose to deploy—and also in ways to help them simplify operations and reduce expenses,” said John Bourne, SVP, Global Channels and Alliances, Verint. “Adtech Global is well versed in our WFO solutions and has been a long-standing Verint partner.”

StratxTM, Adtech Global’s WFO suite powered by Verint, includes applications such as Quality Monitoring and Recording, Workforce Management, Performance Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, Coaching and eLearning – as well as additional add-ons such as Time Off/Shift Bidding, Advanced Scorecards, Lesson Management and Speech Analytics.

“Adtech Global’s StratxTM communicates seamlessly with your onsite ACD/PBX unlike any other cloud-based contact center solution,” said Jeremy Powell, VP, Information Systems, Adtech Global. “This is a significant advancement in the contact center world because it enables customers to save resources, time and money by maintaining their own ACD/PBX, while simultaneously using one of the most advanced solutions around.”

Over the past 15 years, Adtech Global has delivered Verint solutions to hundreds of contact center customers of all sizes around the globe. The company’s technical expertise helps support a focus on quality support, rapid implementation, and value-add professional services and consulting.

“With Adtech Global’s professional services and support combined with an expanded set of WFO and analytics solutions, customers can entrust their contact center in the hands of proven experts, freeing up time and resources to focus on core business initiatives,” said Ric Gray, President, Adtech Global.

Contact Adtech Global today to learn more about StratxTM, the Adtech Global cloud-based WFO solution, powered by Verint.

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Adtech Global delivers solutions to help businesses improve their customer service operations and maximize workforce efficiency through cloud and premise-based workforce optimization (WFO) software, customized hardware, and both managed and professional services. As a Verint and Avaya partner, Adtech Global provides consulting, training, monitoring, support and implementation services. Adtech Global also offers actionable monitoring/alert services and speech analytics consulting programs. With locations in London, Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Munich, Adtech Global has a large team of experienced technicians and consultants which will enable the company to continue serving as a leading provider of contact center solutions for an exceptional end-user experience. Visit for more information.