PSS Help & Symmetrics Announce Reseller Partnership

PRESS RELEASE: PSS have announced a partnership with Symmetrics Business Intelligence, a provider of real-time, historical and call-detail reporting solutions for contact center. The nVision product suite helps address complex contact center reporting challenges.

Under a reseller agreement, PSS Help will incorporate nVision Contact Center Reporting Suite into its portfolio of offerings aimed at helping organizations produce a better customer experience at a significantly lower cost.

“Every day, millions of customers and hundreds of organizations use contact center platforms designed and managed by our company,” says Tony Porter, our executive vice president of marketing. “With that kind of volume and variety of customer experience systems, we looked for a partner whose reporting architecture was up to the task. Symmetrics’ broad offering for real-time, historical and contact-detail reporting was a perfect fit for PSS Help’s on-premise, cloud-based or managed-service contact center solutions.”

Under the reseller agreement, PSS Help will resell the entire Symmetrics product line, including:

  • nVision Data Mart, which consolidates data from multiple contact center systems and applications and/or multiple call centers into a true data warehouse optimized for reporting and analytics.
  • nVision Info Manager, an intuitive, easy-to-use web-based BI platform to design, access, schedule, manage and interact with all of a contact center’s relevant real-time, historical and call-detail data.
  • nVision Real Time, a framework that taps into multiple contact center systems’ native real-time interfaces and APIs to deliver mission-critical contact center metrics in true real-time.

“With the breadth and variety of PSS Help contact center offerings, we felt Symmetrics software would be a natural fit – especially where customer needs are complex due to a multiplicity of systems and applications,” says Richard McElroy, Symmetrics president and chief operating officer. “As PSS Help aids its customers in moving from legacy systems to truly innovative customer experience management platforms, Symmetrics can provide a reporting solution that not only helps with that transition, but will provide the foundation for better performance management as customer needs evolve.”

About Symmetrics

Symmetrics build, implement and support software that solves the problem of reporting and analyzing real-time, historical and call-detail data from any system or application found in your call center. The business has been doing it for over 15 years, and do it for call centers all over the world, big and small. Symmetrics take best practices from business intelligence and data warehousing and apply them to the specific domain of the contact center. The solutions fit the unique reporting and analysis needs of our customers, no matter how many different systems, applications, or call center sites they have.