Xact TeleSolutions Receives Excellence Award for 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Xact TeleSolutions, a premier state-of-the-art call service center, received the Excellence Award for 2014. The new award is the second year in a row Xact has achieved the honor.

Top Ten Reviews has awarded Xact TeleSolutions with the Excellence Award for 2014, making it the second year in a row Xact has received the award. Top Ten Reviews provide objective, third-party reviews that examine the essence of a product or organization and undergo side-by-side comparisons to fully evaluate said company or product.

One of the key components that fueled the award is Xact’s ability to provide month-to-month services without the need for a lengthy contract when compared to other call service centers. In order to attain the Excellence Award, a product or organization must reach a number of 9 or higher out of 10 and Xact TeleSolutions scored a 9.5 on the scale.

“We are happy to receive this award again because it shows the true dedication of our team in providing excellent and consistent services,” said Xact President Lynn Fick. “As our company grows, we hope to get the award again for next year.”

About XACT TeleSolutions:

XACT TeleSolutions is a premier provider of call answering services and integrated telecommunications for businesses nationwide. With state-of-the-art call processing technology and a hardworking staff of domestically-based call representatives, we are committed to giving our clients affordable and effective solutions to their inbound call monitoring troubles. The team within our inbound call center and other service areas are proficient at providing customers with personalized insight and direction. Whether you’re a company that regularly sees high volumes of calls or a business entering a seasonal period where calls triple or quadruple in average occurrence, we are here to help you.