Zingaya Brings Its Click-to-Call Technology to WordPress Websites

PRESS RELEASE: Zingaya, a developer of high-fidelity web-based VoIP applications providing WebRTC-powered click-to-call technology for consumer-facing websites and customer service call centers announced the release of its plugin for WordPress, the leading free blogging framework and content management system used by more than 60 million websites.

With the Zingaya click-to-call widget and button plugin for WordPress, website operators can enable visitors to make voice calls to the site through any computer, simply by clicking a button on the webpage. The website operator simply needs to embed a “Call” button into their website. When a visitor clicks the button, a VoIP call is made and can be immediately forwarded to the website operator’s landline or mobile phone. Visitors only need a browser and their device’s embedded microphone. No phone or download is necessary.

Businesses and individuals using WordPress have two options for embedding the click-to-call functionality into their site — as a button or as a widget. The Zingaya click-to-call button can be embedded in any position on a site. The widget can be set to the left or right of mid-screen and will stay in a fixed position even as the visitor scrolls through a webpage. Immediate voice contact and help is always only a click away.

“We’re excited to bring click-to-call simplicity to WordPress users,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO, Zingaya. “Whether you have a major e-commerce enterprise or a fresh new startup, now companies of all kinds can connect with website visitors — and customers — more easily than ever. Visitors who wish to contact a site and hear a helpful voice no longer have to even reach for their phones — simply click and you’re connected, for free. We’re proud to foster this technology and interested to see what fruits come of the innovation and ease of use we’re helping to provide.”

Zingaya welcomes WordPress users to take advantage of these newly available click-to-call solutions. To date, over 16 million web calls have been placed using Zingaya’s click-to-call technology, serving businesses in all sectors, all around the world.

About Zingaya

Zingaya empowers website visitors to call into contact centers with a single click from their browser. No phone or download is required. Zingaya offers website operators this seamless voice calling functionality to enhance overall customer experience, accelerate resolutions, improve conversion rates and increase average order values. Zingaya is a private, professionally financed technology company founded by VoIP experts. For more information, visit www.zingaya.com.