Creative Virtual’s V-Person™ Natural Language System Recent Install Includes Deep Level of Integration with Leading Cloud-based CRM System

PRESS RELEASE: A leading software company is now live with Creative Virtual’s V-Person self-serve technology, which will help to resolve activation issues online. Creative Virtual is a leader in customer experience self-service solutions for global enterprises.

The system checks customer information, validity of license requests and issues user activation codes. Where applicable, the solution submits trouble tickets to the CRM system for users who are unable to obtain new software activation codes online. By leveraging back-end integration capabilities, the Creative Virtual solution now handles more than 65% of the trouble ticket volumes, previously handled by live resources.

V-Person is conversational middleware that combines natural language, business logic and integration of data from external systems to enable customers to self-serve in seconds, replacing a manual process that previously took days to complete.

“We see our clients using V-Person as a smart solution to quickly automate manual processes that would have taken months to program using traditional development tools,” Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA said.

Creative Virtual’s knowledge management system V-Portal™ has a graphical decision tree editor (decision support tool similar to Visio) that allows these business processes to be created and revised quickly, based on testing and evolving business requirements. Using the built-in python scripting language, V-Portal can easily integrate to external systems.

By using V-Person technology to automate processes such as this, organisations can enable their customers to self-serve instantly instead of requiring interaction with a live resource, via phone call or chat.

Creative Virtual offers solutions that enable customers to talk, type and tap to get consistent personalised answers to help users self-serve in any channel. V-Person offers a multi-modal interface with speech-to-text natural language processing built in. V-Portal, our knowledge management system provides a combination of structures for products/services/channels, natural language tools, a graphical decision tree editor, integration tools, release management, workflow and also offers real-time Voice-of-the-Customer reporting.