Tomorrow At 1pm (GMT): Join The Contact Centre EXPO™ Live Twitter Jam On Social Customer Service

On Wednesday, October 1st at 1pm (GMT), Contact Centre EXPO™ will be holding its first Live Twitter Jam on the subject of: Social Customer Service.

Two ways to join the conversation:

1. Click at 1pm on Wednesday. You can login into Twubs using your Twitter account.

2. Simply follow #expojam on Twitter from 1pm and use #expojam when tweeting.

Questions We Will Be Addressing

Over the hour we’ll be addressing the following questions:

Q1. Which social network is proving the most effective as a customer service channel?

Q2. Should organisations have a dedicated social media team in the contact centre? Or should all agents respond to social media enquiries?

Q3. What are your top tips for dealing with negative social media comments regarding your product or service?

Q4. Is first contact resolution possible in the social channels, or do you need to switch customers to phone or chat channels?

Q5. How informal should your agents be when responding to enquiries over social channels? Is slang/abbreviation acceptable?

Q6. Has the popularity of social media as a channel for delivering customer service peaked, or will it continue to grow?

Dos and Don’ts

  • In your first #expojam tweet, introduce yourself with your name, role, and the organisation you work for.
  • Subsequent tweets should always start with the question number you are addressing and include #expojam. For example:
  • @bobjones Q1 Twitter works the best for us as an outbound information channel #expojam
  • Remember, all that you say in the #expojam is public. Keep your comments professional. However, informality is better than stuffiness.
  • DO NOT pitch your products or services! Show-off your knowledge and insight instead.

DO: Follow Contact Centre EXPO™ on Twitter @ccexpo_uk