Fonality Issued Patent for Key Technology Behind its Hybrid-Hosted Solution

PRESS RELEASE: Fonality announced that it has been issued a U.S. patent on the system and method for a key component of the technology behind its Hybrid-Hosted solution. The technology provides centralized and synchronized configuration of data between multiple computer systems, and protects data in the event of a power or network interruption.

“Communication is the lifeline of a business – especially those with large call centers– and a few minutes of Internet downtime could trigger significant revenue loss,” said David Scult, Fonality’s chief executive officer. “Fonality’s Hybrid-Hosted solution was designed to offer businesses the flexibility of the cloud, combined with the redundancy and assurance of traditional on-premise phone service.”

Many VoIP providers force companies to go all-in on the cloud and abandon their traditional phone systems, or remain locked into a PBX-based system. Fonality bridges this gap with a hybrid system that allows businesses to install their own equipment and software on-site, back everything up in the cloud, and maintain availability by automatically switching to traditional phone service in the event of an Internet interruption.

With the technology behind Fonality’s Hybrid-Hosted solution, users experience centralized management of multiple systems, and can synchronize configurations between systems when one system is offline – such as during a power outage or network interruption. It also introduces system efficiencies by detecting changes to configuration files and then triggering a synchronizing of data.

“Even in the face of weather disasters or power disruptions, the calls must go on,” said Scult. “Fonality’s solutions provide businesses the freedom and agility to keep operations running from any location at any time – with the information they need right at their fingertips.”

About Fonality

Fonality provides business phone systems and applications for growing companies. More than 25,000 businesses in 99 countries rely on Fonality to help them sell, service, and collaborate. Fonality customers select the deployment, voice connectivity, and payment options that best meet their needs. Every Fonality edition includes unlimited contact center queues for all employees, and is offered with bundles of critical business applications such as HD video collaboration and call recording.

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