Telenor launches professional and flexible cloud-based customer service solution

PRESS RELEASE: Telenor Sweden is launching a new customer service solution that enables flexible customer service in the cloud. Telenor Contact Centre has been developed together with Intelecom, one of Europe’s leading providers of cloud-based communications solutions for contact center and is suitable for both small and large companies.

A professional customer service is an invaluable asset for the company both in terms of customer care and sales. With Telenor Contact Centre as a new feature to our cloud-based communications solution Telenor One Flexible 2.0, companies can quickly and easily get started with their own contact center solution, says Christian Strömlid, Marketing Manager at Telenor Sweden.

The Telenor One Flexible platform consists of a number of integrated telephony services that can be combined as needed. There is already such as the popular feature that Telenor can handle the incoming calls when the company does not have time via Telenor Response Service. But with Telenor Contact Centre, developed in partnership with Intelecom, you can also choose a complete customer service solution.

We have been working with Telenor for some time to offer their customers a flexible and professional customer service in various forms and today we have about 30 shared customers. Most companies have discovered the strategic resource, a customer is, and the demand for flexible, easy to use and functional solutions to support customer service is steadily increasing. We are extremely pleased that Telenor has chosen to partner with us to offer their customers the best and most flexible contact center solution. says Marlene Häggström, Marketing and Communications at Intelecom in Sweden

Customer service across all channels

Telenor Contact Centre handles both incoming calls to the corporate PBX or support number, but also processes for managing incoming cases for example through email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and other channels. The system supports email, chat with up to eight simultaneous dialogues. Agents can also use the social channels to update the status when, for example, malfunctions and the like.

Through integration with Microsoft Lync enables agents to have access to contact people’s calendars and tasks in order to better help those who contact the customer service. There are also a variety of functions as callback and advanced statistical and analytical functions, both in real time and history, where you can follow up queue times, dropped calls and other performance indicators.

By adding Telenor One Flexible 2.0 with contact center functionality, we can offer even more full-fledged communication solutions with powerful features such as integration with the corporate CRM system and Lync. With Telenor Contact Centre, we are lowering the threshold for companies that have seen the need but not dared to take the plunge, says Christian Strömlid, Marketing Manager at Telenor Business.