Working Solutions Stands Out as Market Leader in Home-based Outsourcing

PRESS RELEASE: Industry analyst firm Ovum ranks Working Solutions a market leader for companies seeking proven, home-based outsourcing services—putting it on the enterprise shortlist.

Published this month, the Ovum Decision Matrix offers enterprises a roadmap in selecting the best home-based outsourcing services across industries—with Working Solutions of Plano, Texas, among the leaders’ category. In its findings, Ovum evaluated several criteria for service providers, including:

  • Features – assessing training, pricing, workforce optimization and other vital areas
  • Execution – weighing several categories, such as channel expertise, virtualized delivery, management experience and other important metrics
  • Market impact – measuring categories that include—but are not limited to—revenues, vertical industry penetration and sizes of companies served

“The features of Working Solutions’ home agent offering are very solid relative to the competition,” according to Peter Ryan, principal analyst for Ovum IT Services who wrote the report.

“In fact, Working Solutions was at or ahead of the industry average in a broad range of categories, which speaks to the expertise and experience of this firm.”

In its report, Ovum cites the company’s strong points, including:

  • Financial strength—revenues dispersed across different sectors
  • Stable leadership—executives with broad, well-established industry expertise
  • Diversity of clients—track record of serving various-sized firms across industries
  • Ability to attract talent—well positioned to respond to new opportunities
  • Adaptive offering—flexibility to change with business needs of clients and their customers

“It’s always good to make the shortlist, reaffirming our reputation as a long-time market leader,” said CEO Tim Houlne. “And while longevity is no guarantee of success, it does show staying power in serving our clients and their customers well.”

In identifying the market leaders, the report calls out the intense competition, strong offerings and best-in-class business models. Ranking Working Solutions, Ryan writes that Ovum anticipates the company “…will remain a top-line vendor in the home agent space for the foreseeable future.”

About Working Solutions

Nearly 20 years ago, we pioneered the work-at-home agent industry for virtual contact centers. And while we do business in 30+ languages today, our work translates to only one thing: Ensuring clients’ exceptional sales support and service for their customers.

From our network of 110,000+ registered agents, we tap into an on-demand workforce from across the United States.

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