ServicePattern Contact Center Platform Provides Service in 10+ Countries Globally

PRESS RELEASE: A number of partners have successfully deployed Bright Pattern’s cloud contact centre platform around the world in multiple languages, under their own private labels. This extends Bright Pattern’s coverage well beyond the United States and US-English based regions.

In addition to 6 independent installations within the United States, the ServicePattern platform is installed and operating in Japan, Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore with additional countries being planned. The platform is currently localized in English, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Turkish and Russian, and the incorporation of additional languages or localizations does not require a platform recompilation. The architecture is designed to easily accommodate localization needs of partners.

“A key partner benefit is the unique capability of ServicePattern to be deployed and operated without reliance on our personnel or staff,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern. “Our partner community enjoys this autonomy and when combined with solid enterprise functionality, scalability, and fault tolerance; results in a dependable, revenue-generating platform for our partners.”

The ServicePattern platform is installed by running a standard executable installation on Windows, or RPM packages on Linux. The operational capabilities include system monitoring over SNMP and the capability to take down and add servers on the fly without experiencing system downtime, facilitating uninterrupted 24/7 call center operations. The system architecture features a fault tolerant design for continued operations during component failures and scalability to thousands of agents by simply adding generic servers.