Bank of Internet USA Debuts New Online Self-Service Capabilities – Powered by IntelliResponse

PRESS RELEASE: IntelliResponse, provider of the most widely deployed enterprise virtual agent technology , today announced that Bank of Internet USA – America’s oldest and most trusted internet bank – has implemented the IntelliResponse Virtual Agent technology platform on their website. Using the solution, Bank of Internet USA customers can ask natural language questions online at any time of the day, and receive instant, accurate answers through their new Have a Question? feature.

Bank of Internet USA is a division of BofI Federal Bank – a nationwide branchless bank with approximately $4.4 billion in assets that provides innovative banking and lending products and services to personal and business banking customers throughout the United States.

Ranked the “Best Performing Public Thrift” for 2013 and named “The Best of the Biggest” by SNL Financial, Bank of Internet strives to make banking easy, convenient and affordable for its customers.

Operating an extensive branchless banking network throughout the U.S., also means that providing an unsurpassed level of support for those customers always needs to remain a top priority.

Now, when customers are on Bank of Internet’s website, they can ask a range of questions such as “How do I open an account?” and “What ATMs can I use?” and receive instant, accurate answers. Bank of Internet’s Have a Question feature, also leverages i.Suggest – IntelliResponse’s next generation predictive matching technology which helps improve answer accuracy while reducing customer effort.

“The majority of consumers today who have questions turn to an organization’s website first for answers,” explains David Lloyd, President and CEO of IntelliResponse. “Online banking and online self-service are the perfect match, and Bank of Internet’s prominent placement of their Have a Question feature on every page of their website, ensures customers always have quick, easy access to answers wherever they are on the site. Additionally, since customers are no longer required to interrupt their online banking session to speak with a live agent for routine banking questions, contact center reps can now spend time with those customers who require human assistance.”

“Our customers have entrusted us to meet their day-to-day banking needs, and they expect nothing short of an outstanding experience whenever they engage with us,“ said Kyle Kolsky, SVP of Consumer Deposits at Bank of Internet USA. “Operating a national bank without branches means our online self-service options need to be top notch, providing our customers with accurate and consistent answers to their questions. IntelliResponse Virtual Agent helps us deliver an exceptional online self-service experience our customers value, while helping us channel those routine banking inquiries to the more cost-effective online channel.”