CafeX Communications Launches Quisbee for Online Customer Engagement

CafeX, a leading provider of real-time customer experience solutions, today announced the launch of Quisbee, a cloud-based platform that provides personalized, instant engagement for website visitors.

With Quisbee, customers browsing business websites can simply click a button to initiate video or voice conversations with sales and support staff. Employees who receive calls can see what customers see, navigate for them, and draw on screen to highlight key information. Companies can activate Quisbee within minutes by adding as little as two lines of code to their websites. Quisbee is powered by CafeX Communications, whose industry leading software makes it simple for companies to enhance customer experiences with contextual real-time assistance over mobile, web and traditional channels.

Quisbee Key Features

•One-click voice and video chat: online visitors can click a button on a company’s website to start a voice or video call with a customer representative. Customers avoid downloading annoying plugins, waiting on hold or listening to recorded messages.
•Co-browse and remote control: experts get an exact view of a customer’s browser screen and can temporarily take control to help guide visitors through a company’s website.
•Free-form annotation: employees can draw on the shared browser screen to highlight key sections for the customer.
•Pay-as-you-go pricing: Quisbee provides flexible tiered monthly pricing options based on minutes of use without any initial setup fees or restrictions on number of users.
•Agent console: In-house experts can receive calls and collaborate with customers through a packaged web portal that is easy to use and rebrand.
Dr. Brent Kelly, principal analyst at KelCor, Inc. “I like the cloud-based services model CafeX provides in Quisbee. It allows small- to mid-sized businesses to have the same capabilities for customer engagement that the very large companies enjoy but in a pay-as-you-use subscription model as opposed to a large CAPEX outlay up front. This is a nice complement to CafeX’s very successful large enterprise offerings and allows the company to extend its reach into the SMB space.”

David Jodoin, chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering, CafeX Communications “Quisbee is ideal for businesses seeking a simple and affordable way to deliver outstanding customer service over the web. By placing our award-winning Live Assist solution in the cloud, we are enabling companies of any size to create online experiences that are highly personal, convenient and satisfying for customers.”