PanTerra Networks Announces Industry’s First Real-Time Business Analytics Capabilities for Unified Communications and Content Management

PRESS RELEASE: PanTerra Networks announced its Unified Business Analytics offering for the mid-market. The solution is the first to combine Unified Communications (UC) analytics with content management analytics to monitor, react to and adjust business processes in real-time to make them more efficient and competitive. In today’s dynamic business environment, contact centers, sales teams and support groups need real-time feedback on their business processes to understand the effectiveness of their resources.

PanTerra Network’s unified business analytics solution provides a unique analytics framework that reduces IT service costs, lowers IT management load and improves productivity for managers and supervisors. The solution includes analytics on any user, group, call queue or file; detailed reporting; and tailored notifications so companies can gain real insight into how the business is operating. The company is also the first to offer these analytics features from anywhere on any device via its mobile Unified Live Monitor (ULM) application.

“Never before have we been able to truly have insight into our customer sales and support experience. Through detailed statistics from PanTerra’s business analytics we are able to set measureable goals to track and improve our customer satisfaction and retention,” said Mike Moniz, senior network administrator for Biolase. “The insight has driven ideas on processes and procedures to improve call times – really taking our company to the next level.”

“To continue to be competitive and stay ahead of changing business dynamics, it’s critical for businesses to monitor, measure and report on all their key performance metrics on any device from a single platform,” said Arthur Chang, CEO of PanTerra Networks. “Our Unified Business Analytics combines UC and content management analytics to create a complete end-to-end solution for businesses that want to drive more revenue while optimizing productivity and efficiencies in real-time.”

All businesses are motivated to maximize revenue while minimizing expenses. With PanTerra Network’s unified analytics, businesses can create unlimited analytics across both communications and content management metrics for a more holistic view of the business. For call centers, sales teams and support groups, this means monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) both in real-time and over periods of time so the business can react and adjust to changing business conditions.

Communications and Content Analytics Unified for Business

PanTerra Network’s analytics offering consists of more than 100 communications and content analytic metrics that managers can monitor, measure and report on. Metrics such as call length, number of calls in a defined period and sharing events (downloaded or uploaded files) on shared content allows companies to optimize contact center functions, sales and support activities or team collaboration activities all within a single unified analytics framework.

Analytics Managed From Anywhere, on Any Device

Everyone is mobile. Whether traveling or managing groups remotely, managers need anytime, anywhere access to effectively manage employee resources. That’s why PanTerra Networks developed the ULM app. It is the first app to provide access to full analytics features on both iOS and Android devices from the cloud. Managers and supervisors can now gain immediate insight into business KPIs and be available in real time regardless of location, improving employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

PanTerra Networks’ analytics also give managers the ability to set up remote notifications via multiple mechanisms – including email, IM, and in real-time through the ULM app – if any KPI/SLA is exceeded. This allows companies to easily keep tabs on how the business is doing while on the go.

Reporting Tailored to Your Business

Generating analytics does not mean much to businesses if they are not able to run comprehensive reports that pinpoint trouble spots such as long hold times and underperforming sales. That’s why PanTerra Networks’ Unified Business Analytics generates reports through an easy-to-use browser interface in real-time, on predetermined users and at pre-set time intervals. This allows businesses to accurately monitor how employee operations are functioning and quickly know when corrections are needed. The solution can deliver mass-call-campaign analytics, allowing companies to generate detailed reports to assess the effectiveness of multiple large-scale advertising campaigns and cut under-performing campaigns. PanTerra Network’s Unified Analytics is also the first to provide analytics tailored for any user, group, file, folder or call queue within the account, not just contact center agents. This allows companies to dive deeper into specific segments of the business that may be problem areas.