VoltDelta’s DeltaACD 2.0 Cloud Contact Center Achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Service Cloud

PRESS RELEASE: VoltDelta announced it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration of its DeltaACD 2.0 Cloud Contact Center with Oracle Service Cloud. This integration enables Oracle Service Cloud empowered contact centres to deploy agents supporting voice, email, chat and social media with all handling, management and reporting features consolidated within the Oracle framework. This can help increase efficiency and effectiveness for front-line customer care and management by unifying contact channel control and reporting within Oracle Service Cloud.

Contact Centre CLUB

To achieve Oracle Validated Integration, Oracle partners are required to meet a stringent set of requirements that are based on the needs and priorities of the customers. VoltDelta focused on the challenges of supporting the increasing demand for multichannel contact by delivering a VoltDelta “Media Bar” that makes it easy for agents to communicate over multiple channels without leaving their familiar Oracle Service Cloud screens. This cost effective cloud solution also benefits supervisors who can easily target agents for specific channels, or for blended channel coverage with voice, messaging, or social media priority. All reporting is consolidated within Oracle Service Cloud as well, allowing managers to gain insight from cross channel activity linked with customer detail maintained within the Oracle Service Cloud application.

“Effective multichannel customer care with personalization is now facilitated by merging VoltDelta’s cloud contact center infrastructure within the Oracle Service Cloud,” said Terry Saeger, SVP and General Manager, VoltDelta. “VoltDelta’s Oracle Validated Integration confirms that contact centers of all sizes can confidently take advantage of real-time CRM intelligence to benefit agents, managers as well as multichannel customers.”

“Achieving Oracle Validated Integration gives our customers confidence that the integration between VoltDelta’s DeltaACD 2.0 and the Oracle Service Cloud is functionally sound and performs as tested,” said Kevin O’Brien, senior director, ISV and SaaS Strategy, Oracle. “For solutions deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or both, Oracle Validated Integration applies a rigorous technical review and test process that helps to reduce deployment risk and improves the user experience of the partner’s integrated offering.”