Rant & Rave’s 5 Top Tips for Capturing the Voice of the Customer in the Contact Centre

PRESS RELEASE: Whether in-house or outsourced, many Contact Centres rely on metrics such as conversion, call handling time and completion rate in order to benchmark their performance. But they often fail to effectively measure softer outcomes to truly understand the Voice of the Customer. To help Contact Centres transform their operations, Rant & Rave has just published five Top Tips how Proactive Communication and Fast Feedback can be used to engage customers and capture their feedback, with success stories from some of their biggest clients!

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The piece explores how brands often rely on hard metrics to provide an overview of how their Contact Centre is performing, rather than taking into account the softer, more human insights such as Customer Satisfaction, Customer Experience or Voice of the Customer.

By focusing on these softer measures and asking for feedback in real-time, Contact Centre’s can gain valuable insight into what they’re doing right and wrong.

The piece also explores why it is important to adopt a multi-channel approach when it comes to capturing customer feedback and listening to the Voice of the Customer. While some customers may be more than happy to browse your website for the information they need, others may much prefer a conversation with a Contact Centre agent. So, by offering your customers a choice of channel when it comes to leaving feedback, response rates can be much higher.

To read the full list of top tips for Capturing the Voice of the Customer in the Contact Centre, along with success stories from some of Rant & Rave’s biggest clients, visit http://ravingcontent.rantandrave.com/capturing-voice-of-the-customer-in-the-contact-centre.