Bright Pattern Uses WebRTC to Bring Enterprises Closer to Customers

PRESS RELEASE: Bright Pattern is now using WebRTC in its Rich Contact Experience technology, shortening resolution times with the use of concurrent video, audio, text and image transfer between enterprises and their customers. WebRTC helps Bright Pattern to enable video and direct voice over ip audio from browsers and mobile devices.

Any customer today is a connected customer: a person connected to the Internet for entertainment, to research products and to communicate with friends and businesses. A connected customer expects a rich means of communication enabled by modern devices. Many of these devices support WebRTC today.

Bright Pattern’s Rich Contact Experience facilitates concurrent multi-channel communications between a call center representative and a customer. This helps to resolve issues faster, without the need of multiple sequential contacts, such as sending documents after a call or making a phone call after a chat session.

“For a long time, WebRTC was a cool technology lacking a sensible use case” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern, “but with its proliferation to more and more consumer devices, it is clearly the most direct way to communicate with today’s connected customers”.

WebRTC is a set of standards from W3C that enable real-time communication (RTC) on the web between browsers. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers natively support it. The underlying engine is also available from Google as an open source project that could be embedded into other applications and devices. Using WebRTC facilitates peer-to-peer calls, video chats, sharing screens and exchanging files.