More than 50 of the World’s Largest Companies Now Use Intradiem’s Flagship Intraday Automation Software

PRESS RELEASE: Intradiem, the leading provider of Intraday Automation solutions to frontline workforces such as call centers, back office, retail and mobile, today announced revenue grew by 27 percent in 2014. Intradiem is ahead of an on-coming wave of innovation driven by businesses seeking to create competitive advantage by harnessing a growing volume of data in disparate systems to create agile frontline workforces.

“Organizations continue to struggle to address the challenges of today’s customer facing workforce of delivering exceptional customer experiences while simplifying operations,” said Matt McConnell, CEO, Intradiem. “CEOs, CMOs, contact center and back office leaders realize Intraday Automation can help modernize frontline workforces and reduce costs, which leads to improved customer experience and revenue growth.”

Intraday Automation’s technology integrates disparate systems and triggers actions for customer-facing workforces. By monitoring changing business conditions, this tool establishes an unprecedented amount of control over continuously optimizing staffing levels, balancing interaction channels, leveraging idle time for ancillary work, and automating adherence management. These real-time adjustments accelerate the benefits of customer experience, revenue and cost improvements.

“Companies increasingly recognize the definitive link between frontline workforce preparedness and a rising stock price,” added McConnell. “For the 50 global brands relying on us to facilitate significant improvements in how their frontline workforces deliver customer experience and those that are ready to make this shift in 2015, we can hold the torch.”