Telformance announces the release of Click2Dial, the first truly TCPA compliant cell phone dialing solution

PRESS RELEASE: Telformance, a leading outreach communications and social interaction technology provider announced today the release of its TCPA compliant cell phone dialing solutions for contact centers worldwide. The release of this solution marks major advancements in a call center’s ability to ensure compliance while being able to target the ever-growing market of consumers leveraging cell phones and social media as their primary communication mediums. With the release of Click Dial, TCPA compliance the Telformance cell phone dialing solution, call centers can now rapidly engage clients on their cell phones while still maintaining he TCPA compliance .

Core architectural advancements have enabled Telformance clients to leverage the benefits of high paced dialing in a manual call environment. These advancements enable rapid call pacing while still maintaining compliance, data integrity and separation of automated and manual dialing as required by the TCPA.

Rick Morris, president and CEO of Telformance comments; “the challenges experienced by outbound contact centers in relationship to dialing cell phones have now being eliminated. When we looked at how the market was being serviced by contact center solution providers, we realized that for the most part, technology providers were only solving a small portion of the compliance puzzle. Especially when it came to cell phones. We leveraged that knowledge to create a truly TCPA compliant dialing solution.” A widely known but rarely discussed fact is the date of segregation in relationship to manually dialing cell phone numbers is critical. Chris Rieple, Executive Vice President of Telformance adds “we’ve seen a lot of competitors in our market space claim they were compliant who are now engaged in TCPA lawsuits as a result. Our objective with our technologies was to solve the TCPA challenge within the letter of the law. The result is that our customers can feel confident that they are operating with a truly compliant cell phone dialing solution.” For organizations concerned about TCPA compliance related to cell phones, Telformance now offers in the box solutions compliance solutions while maintaining the efficiency of automated outreach communications and social interaction technology solutions.

Telformance was founded 2010 as a premier outreach communications and social interactions technology provider for the political, non-profit, fundraising, market research and outbound contact center spaces. The release of Click Dial continues to illustrate the Telformance commitment to delivering cloud applications that are both efficient and compliant.