Creative Virtual is Enhancing Virtual Assistant Conversations with SMS

PRESS RELEASE: In an effort to create frictionless and intelligent customer journeys, Creative Virtual has continued to develop the use of its virtual agent software, V-Person™, to include SMS. Creative Virtual’s back end omnichannel knowledge management system, V-Portal™, enables the company to operate on an SMS platform and leverage the natural language in existing deployments. These SMS capabilities enable V-Person to text with consumers relating to sales, operations, and service issues.

V-Portal has the ability to connect users through multiple channels including web, mobile, social, and community forums and now the ability to text. Creative Virtual is a leader in customer experience self-service solutions for global enterprises.

“The further development of our abilities with SMS is a great way to expand the use of existing content through another popular channel,” said Richard Simons, CEO of Creative Virtual USA. “V-Person is being used to help companies to sell products and support their customers.”