Jadu launches Case Management in the cloud to enable collaborative customer service on the web

PRESS RELEASE: Jadu, a global web experience management company has launched a new cloud-based case management system aimed at helping organisations connect with their customers and serve them better. The ‘Jadu Q Case Management’ system is designed to meet the needs of Government, Higher Education institutions and businesses who care about their users’ needs and digital experience and have a desire to connect their staff with their customers. The Jadu Q service has made its debut on the Government’s Digital Marketplace, recently launched in its sixth iteration.

Suraj Kika, Jadu’s CEO said: “Q is unique in that it enables organisations to deliver specific services that require collaboration through a customer portal that is designed to work on all devices. The portal fits into the organisation’s website and enables all parties to interact on cases that require collaboration for a decision to be made. We’re really excited about helping organisations deliver a better customer experience by leveraging their best asset – their people.”

Jadu has partnered with Skyscape Cloud Services, a UK sovereign cloud services provider that exclusively focuses on delivering assured cloud solutions to the public sector: “Jadu has developed a modern digital service that allows organisations to manage the customer experience, leveraging the full potential of the cloud,” said Simon Hansford, CEO of Skyscape Cloud Services. “With Jadu launching the service on the latest iteration of G-Cloud, we look forward to continuing our partnership as the Framework continues to deliver transformational benefits to the UK public sector through unique services like Jadu Q.”

“It’s too hard for organisations to get up and running with back office CRM and Dispute Resolution systems.” Says Kika. “We wanted to address that problem by making the back end system the front-end, built with beautiful responsive design and behaving as a modern web app should – on the device the customer chooses to use. As an SME, we can deliver solutions like Q faster and much more efficiently. It also helps that we SMEs are Agile from the inside out.”

Stephen Allott Crown Representative for Small and Medium Enterprises said: “I welcome new innovative solutions from SMEs. We want to buy from an SME every time they are the best value for money for the taxpayer”.

Jadu have developed the Q Case Management system building on their expertise gained from working with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in delivering the Employment Tribunals online service – one of the Government’s 25 exemplar digital services. Jadu have recently been working with MoJ to open source the front-end experience of the Employment Tribunals platform and intends to open source the portal front end of its Q Case Management System.

“We’re a small software company disrupting the ‘large IT’ CRM space with a secure cloud platform that is built around users and people.” Says Kika. “Our commitment is to provide a platform that is simpler, clearer and faster, and to support the desire for both open communication and open technology. Like all the SaaS products we are making now, Q is G-Cloud first”.