Voxbone Enables 8×8 to Cut Ties with the PSTN for European Customers’ Emergency Calls

PRESS RELEASE: Voxbone announces that it has been selected by 8×8 Inc., one of the world’s largest cloud PBX providers, to enable emergency calling for 8×8’s customers in Europe. It is a regulatory obligation for all providers of telecommunications services in the European Union to offer end-users the ability to dial 112. Voxbone’s cloud 112/911 solution for VoIP providers, VoxOUT, now allows 8×8 to meet this requirement in 13 European countries. As a result, its customers no longer need to keep a PSTN line just to make calls to emergency numbers.

Since 2012, 8×8 has relied on Voxbone’s DID numbers to expand its voice services internationally. However, until now, 8×8 still needed to provide its European customers with local phone lines – all of which needed to be equipped with a VoIP-to-PSTN gateway – for calls to emergency numbers. With the addition of VoxOUT, 8×8 can now avoid the cost and process complexity associated with maintaining PSTN lines in every customer location.

“Expanding our use of Voxbone’s services to include VoxOUT is a best of all worlds scenario for our customers, since they can now cut the cord with the local telephone network, and move their entire enterprise telephony and emergency services to the cloud,” said Mehdi Salour, Senior Vice President of Network Operations and Support at 8×8.

“Offering the ability to call emergency numbers is a non-negotiable requirement for providers and enterprises. Some providers choose to interconnect with a local telco in every country, or simply opt to not offer 112/911 calling, which is a considerable legal risk,” commented Itay Rosenfeld, CEO of Voxbone. “8×8, on the other hand, again leads the pack by introducing a cost-effective and compliant emergency service that fully leverages the power of the cloud. We applaud 8×8 for reaching this milestone, and expect that many similar organizations will follow its lead in the coming year.”

Salour continued, “This was an easy decision for us, as VoxOUT offers emergency calling ‘as a service’ and works in the same, simple way for all 13 countries. Furthermore, we no longer need to make any additional investment in each market to establish 112 services with the local providers.”

VoxOUT is priced at a flat, competitive rate with no setup. As such, VoxOUT costs significantly less than other emergency solutions. When a subscriber calls an emergency number, Voxbone connects the call within seconds via the PSTN to the closest emergency service center in a way that is compliant with local telecommunication regulations. To see which European countries are covered, please visit http://www.voxbone.com/coverage.jsf?category=voxout.