IPGENIE Launches New PBX Software to Save Businesses up to 60% on Phone Costs

PRESS RELEASE: IPGENIE, the British company that can revolutionise the way businesses communicate, is launching the latest version of its popular and successful unified communication platform. IPGENIE v3 is now available to order from the IPGENIE website.

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The new platform, which allows for office calls to be routed over the internet (VoIP) and directed to users’ mobile phones, will provide businesses with a range of additional features, including SMS, presence, web call back and outbound dialers. The new features will also include a new contact directory which will enable users to import directly from their current contact database including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Sage and Google.

The IPGENIE solution operates through a licence agreement, based on the number of extensions using the software. The customer will have Bria soft phones on site, and users will be able to accept calls on their wireless desktop handset – a ‘regular’ desk phone which works on Wi-Fi – as well as on their iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows OS devices and even tablets.

“We’ve seen huge cost savings, as well as an increase in efficiency,” said Jez Harris, Group IT Manager, PGS Global Logistics. “The ability to be able to have our ‘desk phones’ in our pocket and have calls routed through to our mobiles has made us so much more reactive, responsive and productive. As a small team with 80 employees this makes a big difference to us.”

For many companies, once they install a VoIP solution and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) they soon switch off their traditional ‘land’ line. IPGENIE has saved businesses small and large hundreds of thousands of pounds per year by installing these new telephony systems. Many businesses can see savings of up to 60% of their previous telephony costs.

“IPGENIE have been great. Setting the new system up was really straightforward with their help and we saw the advantages immediately. And of course the financial benefits soon became apparent too. We couldn’t go back,” continued Harris.

“Our new offering provides high end features at a very low cost and will allow businesses in the UK and Ireland to save money on their telephony costs,” said Paul McWilliams, Technical Director at IPGENIE. “IPGENIE v3 is the next generation of VoIP solution.”

IPGENIE v3 is available to order now, directly from the IPGENIE website (www.ipgenie.co.uk) for any UK or Irish business.