Rx Outreach Provides Affordable Access to Critical Medicine for People with VoltDelta’s Cloud Contact Center

PRESS RELEASE: VoltDelta, a NetNet Communication Technologies company, announced that Rx Outreach, the nation’s largest nonprofit, fully-licensed, mail order pharmacy and patient assistance program has deployed its cloud contact center solution to improve their customers’ experience across multiple channels of communication. Rx Outreach provides both branded and generic medications to those in need, and assists in creating healthy communities by reducing the cost of prescription medications.

Contact Centre CLUB

VoltDelta provides Rx Outreach with an exceptionally reliable cloud contact center communication infrastructure along with effective Interactive Voice Response (IVR) that delivers significant cost savings. Additionally, Rx Outreach managers and staff now achieve additional customer care insight with call plus agent screen recording, which cost effectively captures every agent and IVR interaction.

VoltDelta was selected for their unique combination of technology, expertise, and proven ability to reliably scale for any call volume. For example, VoltDelta delivered IVR prompts and dialogs that dynamically shift based upon contextual knowledge of each customer such as whether they recently placed an order, are up for re-enrollment, or other activity. Rx Outreach will soon deploy VoltDelta’s WhisperTel technology to reduce the need for agents to ask callers to repeat information by delivering a brief recording of what a customer is seeking to the agent just prior to transfer from the IVR.

“Rx Outreach needed a communications infrastructure that would allow us to more effectively reach and respond to a population of clients that deserves but sometimes feel that they do not get exceptional customer care” said Jeff Clark, Chief Information Officer Rx Outreach. “We selected VoltDelta’s cloud contact center solution to help us deliver outstanding service to our patients and partners. The deep expertise of their personnel supported us from inception to deployment with creative solutions that integrated well with our systems and helped us realize significant cost savings.”

VoltDelta’s IVR solution has led to increased voice self-service automation of between 32% and 36% of calls every month within an environment that adheres to HIPAA and PCI security requirements for safe handling of personal information and credit cards when processing prescription orders.

Rx Outreach also takes advantage of VoltDelta’s outbound calling application for prescription refill reminders, or to notify when an order has shipped. This reduces inbound calls and has contributed to an increase in prescription fulfillment. VoltDelta’s Content Management allows Rx Outreach to self-modify IVR prompts and dialogs so that they can quickly adapt to customer inquiries.

“The use of our own technology for core ACD and call recording means that we can provide creative customer care solutions at rather unique price points within a cloud-based service,” said Terry Saeger, Vice President and General Manager of VoltDelta. “This enables VoltDelta to support Rx Outreach’s goal of delivering exceptional customer care within the framework of a non-profit organization.” – See more at: http://www.voltdelta.com/about-us/news-events/press-releases/257-rx-outreach-provides-affordable-access-to-critical-medicine-for-people-with-voltdelta-s-cloud-contact-center#sthash.g4ZBb1uB.dpuf