Cirpack Expands Its Product Range with a WebRTC Solution

PRESS RELEASE: Cirpack launches its Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) solution, including applications and a gateway embedded into the SBC product range. Cirpack’s WebRTC solution enables Telecom Operators and Service Providers to offer a bundle of IP-based communication services accessible through a mere web browser to their residential and professional customers. The services are available on their PC, tablet or smart phone, with no need to install a client module.

Accessible through the fixed or mobile Internet (cable, ADSL, Wifi, 3G, LTE…), Cirpack’s WebRTC solution allows users to benefit from solutions such as:

  • Unified Communications (voice, video, conference, data, presence, Instant messaging, file transfers…) in a multi- terminal mode (PC, tablet, smart phone)
  • Call centers,
  • Video conferencing,
  • Video&voice communication with connected devices of the Internet of Things (Webcam, Door Bell,…).
  • The interconnection and transcoding gateway

The Cirpack “WebRTC Gateway” is an interconnection and transcoding gateway, bridging the Web and operator networks. It is naturally implemented on the SBC range to complement existing security and advanced SIP control features. The main benefits are:

  • Plugging the agile and innovative Web App ecosystem into the
  • Telecom networks
  • Manage the interoperability (signaling, media)
  • Benefit from advanced security features.


Cirpack enables the implementation of WebRTC applications for residential or enterprise customers accessible through a Web browser.

The solution addresses classical needs such as voice/video communications or click-to-dial for residential customers and advanced call management solutions, including Unified Communications for business users, with Instant Messaging, File sharing, Presence, Video conferencing, etc.

Service Providers can use WebRTC to enrich their Service offerings, both with faster time-to-market and reduced investment, while improving the User Experience within a familiar web interface.

Quality of Service

To compete with peer-to-peer voice/video solutions, Service Providers will value the engineering and design of their networks to propose easy-to-use WebRTC services with premium and committed Quality of Service.

Innovation from the Web

Cirpack designed its WebRTC solution to be compliant with W3C standards to offer users a flexible and easy-to-use solution, running on opened Browsers and friendly to third party applications.

This choice allows Telecom Operators and Service Providers to extend their service offering to innovative applications from the Web App community.

According to Patrick Bergougnou, Chairman and CEO of Cirpack: “our WebRTC solution offers Service Providers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by developing distinctive Value Added Services to attract new customers or consolidate their subscriber base. Their ability to offer quality multimedia communication solutions will bolster their leadership in peer-to-peer or OTT solutions. Furthermore, they will be able to use the same platform for both fixed and mobile communications.”