Presence IVR improves Contact Center productivity with natural language and voice biometrics features

PRESS RELEASE: Presence Technology, the multichannel solutions provider for Contact Centers, has added new features in its IVR module to provide operational improvements and an easier implementation and use.

The Presence IVR solution is 100% software, SIP native and fully virtualizable. It can be installed on standard servers eliminating the need of proprietary equipment. Virtualization facilitates management and backup while reducing infrastructure costs by consolidating servers, therefore decreasing the solution ownership cost. Additionally, the distributed architecture offers almost unlimited growth and high redundancy.

Moreover, Presence IVR supports the implementation of voice applications based on the standards VXML 2.1 and MRCP 2.0. This simplifies the migration of existing compatible applications without reengineering. It secures the investment overtime and avoids dependency on vendor or proprietary formats.

“Presence IVR includes compatible connectors with TTS / ASR systems as well as with leading Speech technology vendors such as Nuance, Loquendo, Lumenvox, Verbio, Voxygen, etc . This offers multiple options to connect and adapt to any company need and budget, “says Alfredo Gonzalez, Director of Product Management Presence Technology. ”The solution also includes native connectors from leading manufacturers to meet the growing demand for features such as natural language recognition (NLU) which makes interactions between the client and the machine more natural; and voice biometrics for user authentication, which the IVR to act in the caller identification when capturing sensitive information without the agent being involved. ”

The Presence IVR includes SIP support (the ability to exchange business data via SIP headers) and native support for compatible VoiceXML applications. This makes the application creation and maintenance independent of the product. Nevertheless, within the Presence Suite, the IVR includes a “strategy designer” that allows to create business rules and the possibility to use Presence variables like detailed contact information.

“Presence IVR has gone through major improvements that help our clients by: Identifying the caller through vocal footprint, simplifying PCI with the collection of sensitive data and, improving the user experience through the use of natural language and the most modern speech engines in the market.”Concludes Alfredo González.