VoiceBase Delivers Speech Analytics to Twilio Recording Customers

PRESS RELEASE: VoiceBase a massively scalable speech analytics platform, announced its ability to support customers using Twilio’s record API. This functionality now makes VoiceBase’s easy-to-use API, which delivers on-demand speech analytics within minutes after a completed call, readily available to all Twilio users.

Powered by the world’s most accurate speech engine, VoiceBase automatically extracts actionable intelligence from spoken information. This technology makes it possible to detect trends and correlate keywords and phrases with sales results. The VoiceBase Predictions API further enhances its speech analytics solution by having the ability to train VoiceBase’s machine learning algorithms with pre-tagged data (humanly scored calls) to automatically classify future calls.

“Twilio call center customers that record phone calls, SIP or WebRTC sessions can now gain deep insights into all of those conversations to accelerate sales or support performance,” said VoiceBase Founder and CEO, Walter Bachtiger. “For example, attaching spoken keywords to CRM records enables a powerful new layer of predictive analytics that was previously unavailable or too expensive.”

Engage RTC is a cloud-based contact center that records calls using Twilio and recently implemented the VoiceBase API. “In just a few days, we were able to direct the VoiceBase platform to newly recorded calls to spot and replay relevant terms, delivering immediate benefits to our clients,” claimed John Detwiler, CEO of Engage Holdings.

Twilio records hundreds of millions of calls annually and sees the business benefits the analytics available through VoiceBase’s on-demand platform provide. “Our customers rely on innovative partners such as VoiceBase to layer on incremental value to the Twilio platform,” described Rob Brewster, Vice President of Global Sales at Twilio. “We’re pleased to work with VoiceBase to enhance solutions for our joint customers.”