Thunderhead set to make Customer Engagement effortless for Microsoft Dynamics customers

PRESS RELEASE: Thunderhead, a leader in enterprise solutions for customer engagement announced the availability of a complete enterprise solution for customer engagement based on the integration of its ONE Engagement Hub with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The joint solution is the result of the strategic partnership between Thunderhead and Microsoft that was announced in November 2014.

Thunderhead transforms customer engagement by making it easier and more enjoyable for customers to do business with the brands that sell to and serve them. This integrated solution extends the power of the Microsoft’s industry leading Dynamics CRM solution, giving brands the ability to have meaningful and informed interactions with their customers whenever and wherever they interact with them. It connects customer insight, context and real-time journey behavior on all digital and offline channels with customer and activity data in Dynamics CRM. The result is that brands can now anticipate their customers’ needs in real-time, and provide relevant and seamlessly joined up experiences across the customer journey.

Glen Manchester, Founder and CEO, Thunderhead said: “The integration of Thunderhead and Dynamics CRM technology is a first in the market, bringing a purpose-built solution for customer engagement together with a world leading CRM solution.” Manchester continued; “The real-time digital world has transformed everything about the way consumers communicate and transact with brands. Together, Thunderhead and Dynamics CRM have responded. We’re set to transform the way brands manage relationships with their customers, and making it easier and more rewarding for customers to interact with brands.”

Bob Stutz, Corporate Vice President, Dynamics CRM commented: “Thunderhead is an example of a partner that is leading efforts in the market for customer engagement. Combined with the power of the Dynamics CRM we’re enriching the offering for businesses to more effectively understand and engage with their customers.”

The solution is already being piloted by several global brands from a range of industry sectors.


The ONE Engagement Hub gives CMOs and CX leaders a single view of the customer, by connecting customer insight, context and journey behavior, to deliver meaningful experiences across the entire customer journey. With ONE you can design and deliver a seamlessly connected customer experience regardless of business and channel silos and manage the customer journey across all touchpoints.

  • Powerful and actionable journey analytics help brands make informed and relevant decisions based on a real-time understanding of individual customer behaviour and interactions.
  • Delivering communications is more flexible, more efficient and personal
  • Contact centre agents will understand more about customers, saving them
    time when solving customer needs.

ONE is a powerful cloud-based SaaS solution that eliminates the challenges that have traditionally kept organizations from delivering broader enterprise initiatives. With proven rapid deployment, ONE can be implemented to support specific customer uses cases, allowing you to start with high-value or urgent journeys first before gradually expanding the solution to address other areas of the business.