Sparkcentral Unveils Spring ‘15 Edition

PRESS RELEASE: Sparkcentral announced the Spring ‘15 edition of its real-time customer engagement platform, featuring stronger automation, flexible workflow and integrated workforce management for social in the enterprise contact center. As customer support organizations grow increasingly reliant on social interactions, Sparkcentral Spring ‘15 is a keystone for generating fast, accurate and thorough replies to each individual, on every channel.

Integrating Social with the Existing Workflow

A recent development in the enterprise, social customer service has grown asynchronously from the rest of the contact center, becoming siloed in the process. Existing and current workflows do not encompass proper social channel support, leading to fragmentation between teams and a lack of support optimization across channels.

Sparkcentral is filling in the gap by connecting enterprises’ existing workflows with social workforce management solutions. Automated intelligence determines conversational topics and directs customer profiles and conversations to agent groups in real time. Filtering capabilities enable group and/or business unit monitoring of high-priority topics, conversations, skills and service levels. A variety of agent roles—from zero access to full visibility and control of channels—grant proper levels of access when and where it’s needed. The net result is an enterprise social customer service team that is empowered to provide high levels of coordinated service on every channel, and a premium brand experience on the customer’s end.

“This Sparkcentral Spring ‘15 release matches each social customer with the representative that can serve them best,” said Sparkcentral CEO Davy Kestens. “Tweets, chats and Facebook social interfaces work seamlessly with the support organization, giving each rep a big-picture view of their customer’s situation, and enabling managers to refine their forecasting and scheduling. It’s a crucial step towards establishing a true social customer engagement CRM.”

Sparkcentral Spring ‘15 Product Release

• Automated topic-based team routing: Instead of routing one-off messages to individuals, Sparkcentral automatically routes the entire customer conversation to the right team members at the right time based on the topic of the moment.
• Advanced team roles: Managers can set and modify agent’s roles on the fly for the reallocation of the team, based on workforce needs, volume, and security.
• Social Workforce Management: Sparkcentral is the first to provide workforce management integrations for social in the enterprise contact center. These integrations are crucial for large teams supporting massive volume in customer support, enabling you to predict volumes and support needs.


Sparkcentral Spring ‘15 edition is available as released to the company’s entire customer portfolio, including the global enterprise brands whose support teams currently harness the service. The edition will be completely live by March 31, 2015. Sparkcentral offers implementations based on every enterprise teams’ needs.