Weston Digital Technologies and Nexidia Partner to Propel Speech Analytics into the Channel

PRESS RELEASE: Weston Digital Technologies announced an agreement with Nexidia, the leading provider of audio discovery and customer interaction analytics solutions, to embed Nexidia’s advanced phonetic Search Grid technology within Symphony 7 – Weston’s Unified Communications Recording and Analytics solution.

Improving the customer experience is essential to businesses that want to differentiate themselves from the competition. Combining the power of Unified Communications Recording with phonetic search enables organisations to reveal information hidden within customer interactions. This information includes identifying issues with business processes, focusing agent training and tracking mentions of competitor’s offerings. Phonetic search provides dramatic time savings when searching for recordings which is a benefit across all sectors.

“We are pleased to announce our integration with Nexidia because we are seeing increasing demand for speech analytics in the market,” said Derek Townsend, Technical Director, Weston Digital Technologies. “Businesses want to capture and analyse customer interactions in order to inform strategic decisions and improve operational efficiency. Audio search enables organisations to quickly and efficiently search large volumes of voice recordings using definable keywords and phrases, which greatly reduces review times and increases the accuracy of returned results. When embedded in Symphony 7, Nexidia’s Search Grid will allow our customers to leverage the recorded data to improve all aspects of business processes and quickly maximize return on investment.”

Nexidia invented the process of rapidly searching audio using a phonetic index, which offers the most scalable, accurate and flexible solution available. With its unique approach, the Nexidia system delivers significant advantages over other search technologies and methodologies, and supports up to 44 different languages with ease.

“Nexidia works with the best technology providers in the industry, a trend that continues now that our technology is available to Weston Digital Technologies’ customers. The agreement provides an occasion to bring Search Grid to Weston’s diverse markets including emergency services, global telecoms, and financial services institutions. Weston’s longevity and expertise in the call recording industry will help us capitalise on the opportunities in this buoyant market,” said Trevor Chamberlain, Vice President of Channels and Alliances, Nexidia.