Mattersight Granted New Patent for Personality-Based Call Center Applications

PRESS RELEASE: Mattersight Corporation leverages the power of personality connections to facilitate shorter, more satisfying calls between consumers and contact centers. On March 17, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued to Mattersight U.S. Patent Number 8,983,054, entitled Method and System for Automatically Routing a Telephonic Communication.

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The new patent further protects Mattersight’s unique ability to route phone calls based on personality type, as identified through customer history and a variety of behavioral data, including distress assessment and call preference. Using this information, Mattersight’s routing solution instantly connects individual callers to the available agent with whom they’re most likely to have a positive personality connection.

According to Mattersight CMO Jason Wesbecher, when agent/customer personalities click on the phone, the positive impact is felt at virtually every level of a business. “From loyalty, retention, and conversion to hiring and training costs, just about every important metric relates directly back to what happens between the customer and the service rep. When those conversations are better, so are the numbers.”

The latest patent represents a significant advancement in Mattersight’s mission to facilitate more enjoyable, effortless customer experiences. Mattersight offers a complimentary Impact Analysis for businesses interested in seeing how its routing solution can improve customer experience and bottom-line metrics.