Aeriandi Secure Customer Payment Solution ‘Highly Commended’ at 2015 ITSPA Awards

PRESS RELEASE: Aeriandi’s PCI DSS 3.0 compliant secure payment solution has been highly commended by judges at the 2015 Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA) Awards. The commendation came in the ‘Best VoIP Innovation’ category of the ITSPA awards, which recognises companies that have provided the most dynamic technology solutions to the VoIP marketplace over the past two years.

Aeriandi makes PCI DSS compliance easy

The growing threat of cyber crime and credit card fraud in recent years has led to ever-more stringent Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) being introduced to help identify and combat fraudulent activity. The latest standard – PCI DSS 3.0 – came into force in January 2015, once again raising the compliance bar for all organisations that collect and process customer payment card data. Ensuring compliance can be an expensive and time intensive process, but failure to do so carries with it extensive reputational damage, heavy non-compliance fines and liability for any lost data in the event of a breach.

Aeriandi’s secure payment solution significantly reduces the burden of attaining and maintaining PCI DSS compliance by preventing all sensitive card data from entering an organisation’s contact centre environment. With the solution in place, customers making phone payments are seamlessly routed through Aeriandi’s platform, where sensitive payment information is securely collected and processed through Aeriandi’s private cloud, in accordance with PCI DSS 3.0 requirements. The customer remains connected to the contact centre agent throughout the entire process.

For customers, the use of Aeriandi’s secure payment solution significantly boosts confidence in making payments over the phone. For businesses, it helps ensure compliance is achieved whilst also removing the maximum amount of risk possible associated with manual payment collection and ongoing data storage.

“To have our secure payment solution recognised by ITSPA is another tremendous milestone for our business, demonstrating that Aeriandi’s solutions solve genuine industry issues associated with DCI PSS compliance,” said Matthew Bryars, co-founder and CEO Aeriandi. “As regulations continue to tighten, our solution allows VOIP providers to deliver PCI compliant services in a way which is payment service provider agnostic, simple to integrate and extremely low maintenance for the organisations using them.”