Zappix Announces Visual IVR Big Data Analytics Suite

PRESS RELEASE: Zappix, the leader in Visual IVR and mobile app authoring technology, announced that it is now offering a Big Data analytics suite as part of its Visual IVR platform. The Zappix system allows companies of any size to provide customers with a multi-platform, omni-channel, mobile Visual IVR experience via an iPhone, android or web app.

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This new module captures huge amounts of information and breaks down omni-channel data silos, providing Big Data analytics that can be used by companies in a number of important ways. Its capabilities include gauging customer behavior trends, measuring channel engagement, analyzing and reducing wait time, comparing behavior across different demographics/ geographies, and more.

“Visual IVR is a great platform for realizing greater efficiency, streamlining the customer service process, increasing customer convenience and reducing costs,” said Avner Schneur, Zappix’s Chairman. “With the addition of Big Data analytics, Zappix now provides a full understanding of how each channel performs and contributes to the interconnected relationship between attributes. Zappix Big Data Analytics also provide actionable insights into customer data, answering specific business questions that can boost customer service, increase efficiency and improve operations, customer satisfaction and risk management.”

“Big Data Analytics provides companies using the Zappix platform with even greater tools for optimized decision support—as they can now track customer service performance against targets, increase the visual IVR channels and optimize app content to improve key performance indicators such as the NPS (Net Promoter Score),” added Gal Steinberg, Zappix’s VP Marketing. “In just a few clicks, customer service professionals can view important indicators such as channel usage, channel engagement, and more.”

The Zappix Visual IVR integrates voice and non-voice visual content and customer service channels that include phone (voice), web, mobile online forms, and multi-media (audio or video) self-help resources into an easy to use Visual IVR app. Companies that use the Zappix Visual IVR platform realize proven results in reducing development costs while increasing their net promoter score (NPS) and overall customer satisfaction.

The unique Zappix Visual IVR platform changes how companies can develop Visual IVR mobile apps. Businesses no longer have to navigate a busy IT Department for limited resources or face accruing large expenses to develop native or web mobile apps on multiple platforms. Zappix allows businesses to adjust their mobile app in real-time to keep up with any and all changes as they happen.