Pegasystems Sales Automation Enhancements Optimize Sales Performance and Reduce Time from Lead to Revenue

PRESS RELEASE: Pegasystems announced significant enhancements to Pega Sales Automation that increase success at every stage of the sales lifecycle through intelligent guidance, predictive analytics, and the ability to adapt sales models to market and business changes. Unlike applications that provide sales management solutions only in the cloud, Pega Sales Automation is the only application that supports multiple business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) scenarios with intelligent guided selling in a unified application.

New capabilities improve sales performance, accelerate lead to revenue, and increase customer loyalty – extending automation beyond opportunity close to client onboarding and product fulfillment. These enhancements include:

Improved intelligent guided selling – Pega’s application is the only sales automation application to provide built-in support for intelligent guided selling. Enhanced Next-Best-Action and decisioning capabilities intelligently and automatically recommend the best sales activity or offer based on predictive and adaptive analytics. Pre-built sales models intelligently guide sellers through the end-to-end sales cycle, improve seller effectiveness, and provide better visibility for sales executives to make the best offer at the right time.

Extended support for multiple sales models – Pega Sales Automation provides partner portal support as well as sales management and consolidated reporting across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C accounts, opportunities and leads in a single application. Enhanced security, data management, and administrative capabilities promote effective territory management and lead routing to partners and agencies. This enables enterprises to automate sales-related tasks and connect the right people and processes to increase sales effectiveness, without the overhead of managing different applications for each sales channel.

Updated social and collaborative selling capabilities – The latest release of Pega Sales Automation adds support for private, secure co-browsing, which is available through any browser, desktop, tablet, and phone. This can be used for both direct sales interactions as well as internal training and enablement. This allows sales representatives to instantly collaborate with customers and prospects and guides them in real time to increase opportunity conversion.

Enhanced mobile capabilities – Pega Sales Automation now provides geo location for contacts and accounts as well as interactive maps that guide on-the-go sales representatives and optimize their sales cycle. New push notifications alert representatives of changes to lead assignments and quota attainment in real-time, accelerating time to revenue.

Pega Sales Automation is built on the Pega 7 Platform and is available in the cloud or on-premises. Pega’s latest visual tools enable businesses to easily extend and change the application to meet their strategic business needs without coding. Pega’s unified offering allows enterprises to deploy changes eight times faster than traditional Java based applications. Pega Sales Automation easily integrates with existing systems of record and evolves as quickly as customers and systems do, enabling enterprises to manage complex sales requirements. Pega offers sales automation and onboarding applications specialized for multiple industries, including insurance and healthcare, to manage the end-to-end process of product configuration, pricing, compliance, and fulfillment. Pega’s proven scalability ensures the application operates across the ever changing needs of users, business lines, geographies, and channels that today’s enterprises demand.

“Enterprises are continuously working to make sales processes more efficient and effective but remain challenged as they try to respond to business and market changes,” said Bill Baggott, Vice President, CRM Technology at Pegasystems. “Unlike other sales applications, Pega Sales Automation enables enterprises to quickly integrate and capitalize on new sales models. The application provides a single view of opportunities, customers, and prospects through integration of marketing, sales, and service applications as well as all systems of record. It also leverages that data as context to intelligently guide the sales process. The result is optimized sales performance and enhanced customer experience during the onboarding and fulfillment process.”