Line2 Develops Apple Watch App for Users to be Connected and Present

PRESS RELEASE: Line2, the leading cloud phone service, is launching its service for the Apple Watch, which will coincide with the release of the Watch on April 24th. Line2 customers will soon be able to stay in touch right from their wrist, without needing to reach for their smartphone or tablet. As a part of Line2 Everywhere, Line2 provides a second line on mobile devices, and is available on multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and now: the Apple Watch.

“Line2 on the Watch will help users achieve two key things: be connected and be present,” says Line2 CEO Doug Brackbill. “Users can now monitor messages and calls without interrupting what’s in front of them and continue walking down the street, riding the train, or participating in a business meeting without needing to take their phone out of their pocket.”

Those with an Apple Watch can look forward to the best of Line2, allowing users to have the following features at their wrist:

  • Messaging. Receive message notifications and be able to send messages by hands-free voice dictation or from a list of provided responses.
  • Incoming call-handling. See who is calling and have the option of being able to forward it or direct the call to voicemail.
  • Call and message settings. The ability to activate the do not disturb setting, forward all calls, and quiet your ringer.

This will be among one of the first cloud phone services to be available on the Apple Watch. Other features are also in the development stage. Line2 for Apple Watch will join the suite of existing Line2 apps that keep the user connected on their device of choice.