SugarCRM Reimagines CRM from the Customer Perspective

PRESS RELEASE: SugarCRM became the first CRM software provider to fuse Customer Journey Mapping with CRM to close the gap between understanding customers and taking the actions that make customer relationships extraordinary.

CRM Reimagined: the Engine of Customer Engagement

At SugarCon 2015, the company’s annual user conference, SugarCRM is revealing a groundbreaking new vision of CRM as the technology that powers a comprehensive enterprise customer engagement strategy that encompasses all human and digital touchpoints across the entire customer journey.

CRM Reimagined: the Engine of Customer Engagement

SugarCRM is challenging organizations to transform their businesses, changing their perspective to the customer’s point of view and developing a comprehensive map of the customer journey – from awareness and consideration, to purchase, satisfaction, retention, and advocacy. Attendees will learn from internationally known author of Customer IMPACT Agenda, Phil Winters, how to break down the journey and identify the individuals involved along the way – on the supplier’s side as well as the customer’s side. By identifying the key points of engagement along the way, attendees learn how to build an actionable journey map.

The problem with many journey mapping exercises is that they end up on the shelf. But at SugarCon, attendees can learn the key aspects of the journey map, take them back to their companies to articulate in their organization, and learn how to make them actionable with Sugar® products.

Concept Demo Turns Understanding to Action

SugarCRM’s mainstage technology demonstration shows a first-of-its-kind fusion of customer journey mapping with CRM.

In the Sugar UX™ intelligence panel, a new Customer Journey chart type displays the customer’s progress through their decision stages. Underneath the chart is a list of tasks that the individual user needs to complete to help their customer advance to the next decision stage. From marketing to sales, to onboarding, to renewal, every individual knows who they need to reach out to, what information they need, how they want to receive it, and what to do next. Advanced workflow in Sugar 7.6 operates behind the scenes to manage key points of engagement, coordinating the actions of individuals and empowering them with the right information and tools at the right time. For more information about the new Advanced Workflow capabilities in Sugar 7.6, see the accompanying press announcement.

“As the only leading CRM vendor solely focused on customer relationship management, we’re articulating a bold new vision for CRM,” said Larry Augustin. “What matters most is customer engagement. A solid CRM platform needs to function as the engine that drives and orchestrates that engagement. Our long, growing list of marquee customers is clear evidence that we’re driving a revolution in what businesses expect from CRM. Through events like SugarCon and by introducing new technology innovations to the market, we continue to execute on our vision: making every customer relationship extraordinary by Connecting i2i.”