Damovo wins “TOP Service Deutsch-land 2015” award

PRESS RELEASE: Damovo is one of the most customer-oriented companies in Germany. This was the verdict of independent experts and customers in the “TOP Service Deutschland” competition. The award was presented to Damovo in yesterday’s awards ceremony.

The Handelsblatt newspaper, the University of St. Gallen and the ServiceRating agency ran the nationwide, cross-sector competition for the tenth time. In Germany, it has become an accepted indicator of customer value. The result of the competition provides participants with a national comparison, showing them how they are performing in terms of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The rankings are based on an analytical method (the 7-K model) devised by St. Gallen University which takes an integrated view of customer-relationship management. The method highlights the seven dimensions of customer orientation: management’s customer orientation; product value; communication with customers; commercialization; staff competence; in addition to cooperation (the service network) and measurement (feedback on how the service is experienced).

“This award represents both an acknowledgement of our daily work and also provides us with an incentive,” says Carl Mühlner, Managing Director at Damovo Deutschland. “At Damovo we are passionate about understanding the business challenges facing our customers. The daily goal for all our business units is to exceed our customers’ expectations by a wide margin. We are delighted by this result, as it is based directly on the feedback received from our customers.”