Synthesio and Conversocial Announce Best-in-Class Partnership to Help Companies Listen To, And Engage With Their Social Customers

PRESS RELEASE: Synthesio, the leading global Social Intelligence and social media listening platform, announced that they are now strategic partners with Conversocial, the leading cloud-based social customer service solution. This new partnership will provide business and brands a deep understanding of their social data and in turn will provide them the best experience through all social interactions and customer service.

“At Synthesio, our goal has always been to provide customers with the most in-depth look at their social data and the health of their brand online, which of course includes customer service,” explained Leah Pope, Vice President of Global Marketing at Synthesio. “We are thrilled to announce this partnership, combining two best-in-class products that provide brands the ability to create the best online customer service experience available.”

Synthesio’s Social Intelligence software helps brands and agencies find valuable social insights and analytics to drive smarter business decision, find the ROI in social data, and tie social back to business metrics and performance. Conversocial is a leading provider of cloud-based social customer service solutions that help global brands revolutionize customer experience, enhance agent productivity and improve operational efficiency by managing the flow of customer service inquiries and discussions on social media channels.

Synthesio and Conversocial’s partnership has already begun to benefit brands and businesses that are looking for the best-in-class options, including the international Airline Aer Lingus.

“Working with Synthesio and Conversocial, Aer Lingus is able to more effectively listen to, and engage with its social customers to help create more meaningful relationships,” stated Paul Buckley, Head of Social at Aer Lingus.

This partnership will help brands use smart social data to get ahead of customer needs, interact with their customers when and where they need to, and finally be able to better understand where a businesses’ social customer care is working and where it is not.

“Synthesio’s first-class global Social Intelligence platform is a welcome addition to our leading social customer care platform, as it helps expand the reach and capabilities that we already have in place with our customers,” said Joshua March, CEO Conversocial. “While our software allows the delivery of social customer service with prioritized responses that effectively allows brands to resolve customers issues and build brand advocacy, Synthesio’s software will now add the ability to do more. With Synthesio, businesses can now discover a wider range of customer care requests and more customers in need across the entire global social web, including blogs, forums and news sites.”

“Social media provides incredible opportunities for firms to better understand and engage with their customers,” Ms. Pope stated. “This public, in-the-moment customer service channel, provides valuable insights and drives customer loyalty when managed correctly. As customers mature in their approach, a best-in-class solution provides advantages in managing the broad set of activities and capability-needs that we see from our clients, since we can now offer both of these leading global platforms in one place for our customers.”