LiveOps Empowers Agents to Improve the Customer Experience with Industry-Leading Social and eLearning Ecosystem

PRESS RELEASE: LiveOps continues to pave the way in distance learning by placing the needs of the agent front and center with LiveOps University 2.0. LiveOps understands the critical role onboarding and training play in the success of any business, especially those with remote workers. Self-paced, distance learning has been an integral part of the onboarding and training process for the LiveOps community of more than 20,000 independent, at-home agents since LiveOps University was first introduced in 2008.

Driven by the belief that happy agents equal happy customers, LiveOps has enhanced the platform for immediate agent success with easy access to training and support, as well as situational simulations and increased social learning opportunities.

The award-winning LiveOps University 2.0 supports the unique needs of LiveOps’ agents, empowering them to offer the highest-quality customer experiences. LiveOps University fosters the development of knowledge and skills in customer service through peer-to-peer, social and distance learning. This groundbreaking training system has been further revolutionized for distance learning with unique features, including blogs for quick distribution of content and information; forums to promote discussions amongst agents; a live chat system for real-time interaction between agents and LiveOps Program Specialists; and a self-paced blended learning solution with situational learning, virtual classroom sessions, reference guides and an interactive, searchable knowledge base. The platform harnesses the power of social learning to drive agent performance and success, and creates a sense of community among remote agents, with 95 percent of active agents engaging with social features on a weekly basis.

“The Research Institute of America states that eLearning has the power to increase information retention rates by up to 60 percent, making it more effective than traditional training methods, and LiveOps University 2.0 is proof of that,” said Vasili Triant, CEO of LiveOps. “LiveOps University 2.0 truly sets the standard in distance learning and is a model for success in onboarding and training for any industry. By providing extensive options for training, certification and peer-to-peer learning opportunities, we empower agents to start interacting with customers sooner and with greater confidence. We want to ensure that agents are prepared and ready for success in every customer interaction for every client and that they provide the outstanding service expected from LiveOps.”

LiveOps University 2.0 offers more than 625 custom eLearning courses, tailored to the needs and skill sets of agents handling sales, customer service, insurance sales and claims and healthcare-related customer interactions. LiveOps develops a new training program for each new Agent Services client. This ensures that agents are trained with the exact knowledge and practice they need to be successful handling that client’s specific needs and customer interactions. More than 3,000 agents were actively participating in certification, completing nearly 97,000 unique lessons in the first quarter of 2015.

“LiveOps University has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of our agent community and clients,” said Triant. “With LiveOps University 2.0, agents have the opportunity to learn from peers, share best practices and leverage the knowledge of other successful agents, which creates a sense of community and camaraderie amongst our at-home agents. Agents have told us how impressed they are, thanked us for giving them tools to enable their success and shared that they wish all certifications were as simple and straightforward as LiveOps University.”