TeleWare launches new Intelligent Communications offering to customers

PRESS RELEASE: TeleWare has launched its ‘Intelligent Communications’ solution. This new offering integrates the company’s existing Intelligent Connect and Intelligent Office products, and enhances them with extended functionality. The result is improved employee engagement, businesses agility, process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The key enhancements offered by Intelligent Communications include:

Mobile Assistant –an application which provides desktop communications features on a mobile device, giving employees more flexibility and control over their communications whilst on the move. The easily downloadable URL allows users to manage their availability, call routing and call prioritisation from their mobile device, improving both customer communication and employee engagement.

Visual Voicemail – easy, visual management of voicemail, putting an end to trawling through voice menus and audio files. This device-agnostic application provides a list of voicemails by contact and time, allowing the user to rapidly identify and prioritise voicemail responses and ensuring no important information is ever missed or lost.

Enhanced Reporting Services – a new suite of productivity and performance reports which help the user to dynamically manage their business’ communications infrastructure and react to changing customer requirements. With complete visibility across all customer interactions, a business can quickly identify where improvements to the customer experience could be made.

Improved Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – with TeleWare’s IVR, the customer communication experience can be enhanced by allowing customers to select either SMS back to automatically text back the key information they require or queue call back to help them manage their time. Both options allow the customer to nominate a call back/SMS back number for an even greater customer experience.

Data Bridge – this function links the inbound communication and back office management systems to recognise inbound caller information and react accordingly. Calls are prioritised and routed based on caller ID information and the agent is presented with customer information ahead of the call. This ensures that the caller gets to the right person first time.

Steve Haworth, CEO of Teleware Group, said “An increase in the influx of customer communications, from phone calls to text messages, emails and tweets has necessitated a shift towards integrated communications and customer management.

“The real value of intelligent communications lies in its ability to bridge the gaps between traditional services, mobile communications, and emerging collaboration applications. This in turn can then support business growth through analysing the captured data.”