Vertical Ibérica brings Web Voice Synchronization to Iberian Market

PRESS RELEASE: Vertical Ibérica, a leading provider of telecommunication services, announced today the launch of Web Voice Synchronization (WVS) in Spain, Portugal and LATAM.

Web Voice Synchronization (WVS) provides seamless integration between a customer’s online and contact center experience. WVS uses a simple phone call to synchronize between the browser of a website visitor and a company’s representative/CSR, thereby converting a static website into a platform for collaboration for in-bound contact center callers.

When a customer journey begins on the company’s website and moves to the Contact Center, a significant amount of intelligence about the caller is made available such as predicted value as well as diverse variables such as time on the website, what the user has typed, referral source, affiliates, keywords, landing page, current page, browser default language typed fields and even mouse movements.

Vertical Ibérica will license Web Voice Synchronization from LikeBillions LTD, a pioneer in contact center solutions.

Pedro Fernández Velasco, CEO of Vertical Ibérica said: “In the last couple of years our customers have been asking us for technologies that will synch between the online and digital arenas. Web Voice Synchronization is a strategic solution that monetizes each inbound call and has a direct impact on a company’s revenue and profitability.”

Said LikeBillions CEO, Ami Meoded: “Vertical Ibérica has a deep understanding of the Iberian and LATAM contact center market that will enable it to accelerate the growth of the Web Voice Synchronization technology in these markets.

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